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Besides being an enthusiast Blogger, I am a presentation designer too. I am more interested in Programming, Blogging, Social Media, Personal development, Technology and Designing.

I am an optimist and I consider it my mission to spread the light of knowledge and optimism. I am brutally honest and kind at the same time.

How To Get Blog Traffic Without Writing Much

If you have a website or you are a blogger, you would have questioned yourself or someone “How to get more blog traffic?” There is a popular myth – “The more you write and publish, the more traffic you receive.” You can actually get more than enough traffic by just writing 3 to 4 posts […]

Why Sergey Brin Divorced his Wife?

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin devorced his wife Anne Wojcicki after six years of marriage. Their divorce made no headlines when it was approved in May. They married in 2007 and the separation news was recently made public towards the end of June 2015. Reportedly, there are news that the couple stayed away for months before the divorce. Some […]

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For Selling Products Online

Thinking to earn online by marketing and merchandising? Read on to find out the top strategies to earn during this festive season. So how can you earn online by just sitting at home and marketing it? Here are the epic strategies to dispose products and make great profit or at least that can provide a return […]

A Definitive Guide To Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective professional network. It may not be as big as Facebook or Twitter but if you want highly targeted traffic, LinkedIn is the best place for you to promote your blog. Promoting your blogs on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you need to only join groups and promote your posts there. […]

Affiliate Marketing – Basics, Advantages and Disadvantages

Imagine if you could earn money just by promoting other people’s or company’s products. You don’t need to create your own products, rather just promote other people’s product in order to earn commissions for each sale that you make. Affiliate marketing is highly profitable business which can help you earn a piece of the profit […]

Curah! – A Place To Find And Share Great Technical Content

If you are a technical writer or blogger, We have discovered an amazing curation service to share with you. This is going to be a delight for people searching for some great technical content curated by experts.