Why Blogging is the Best Job for Girls?

Blogging is Best for GirlsBlogging is a big word with so much within. People have their own versions of the definition of this term. Everyone has his own understanding of the word ’blogging’. To a certain extent, all of them are connected somehow. Blogging is not only about sharing news and technologies; it is also about sharing your life’s events and experiences with the readers.

Blogging is good for all. People from any age group can opt for blogging as their full time career. For girls, blogging is the best job! Having a blog has no restrictions! It is totally different from running a website. Owning a blog and website are two completely different things.

Let’s check what wonders girls can do with the blog!

1) Work from Home

Girls prefer to work from home and they are more comfortable with that so blogging is the best option for them. They can have their own working hours, their own schedule and feasible environment. These days, entrepreneurship is quite common so why should girls abate? Why shouldn’t the girls start up their own work? Going out to work is an old norm; you can start right away just from your very own living room and make as much money as you want!

2) Own Boss

Blogging is a self business and girls like to be their own boss! When they opt for blogging, they are not answerable to anyone. They can do everything their way and whenever they want. They can take their blog to any direction and make the best of it. They will be the only ones who will affected by their decisions. Owning a blog, makes you do things the way you want them to be!

3) Creative Blogging Ideas

Girls are comparatively more creative and classy. They have more girly ideas to attract the all ladies out there and make their blog more popular. They can write about buying jewelry online, selling clothing, offering home décor and loads of stuff in which girls are interested. There are so many blogs which offer tips and services to offer complete makeover for their homes and themselves.

Blogging - Creative Girls

4) Two Way Communication

Most of the girls love to talk! This is a fact and even girls can’t deny that. To make girls utilize their love to talk, blogging has done wonders in this regard. There are blogs which share daily lives, special events and failures of the people. In this way, people get to talk about themselves and end up making bigger social circles. Blogging helps people learn and move ahead. It offers great two way communication via comments and likes.

5) Immediate Work and Updates

Wait – is one the few words which girls don’t have in their dictionaries. Therefore, blogging is the best job for them. They can write any time, post it immediately and get ready for the great comments and likes. This immediate work is what makes life easier for them. Working and then waiting for approval or rejection actually kills! So it is better for things, which are faster and more productive.


Apart from these, there are various other reasons for blogging being the best job for girls. Well, this is all for now!

Stay Blessed!

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  1. This is the fantastic post dear. All the ideas are brilliant and article is well written. Thank you

  2. Why today everything for girls? and why boys are degrading?

  3. Hi Yusra Adil Please help me

    I applied for Google Adsense for 2 times and they replied same that


    ” Site does not comply with Google policies ”

    Anybody here kindly help me or guide me whats wrong with my site ?

    I can not understand that how to make my site perfect for Google adsense.
    However content are 100% original, didn’t copied from others, and written by us.

    How can i get approved adsense account ??

    • Yusra Adil says:

      Hey Anupriya,

      There are a few things you can improve on your part to get approved by Google Adsense.

      1. While Applying to Adsense don’t use third party ads like Chitika or infolinks. Keep your blog clean.

      2. Your site must look professional in design and I believe you need to work on this part.

      3. You must produce Quality content.

      4. Try to add at least 400-500 words to each of your post so that Google Adsense may display related Ads. At this moment, Adsense bot might not able to scan the text properly.

      Hope this helps. Apply after each 3 months only. Keep trying and creating great content. You will surely get accepted 🙂

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