Curah! – A Place To Find And Share Great Technical Content

Curah!If you are a technical writer or blogger, We have discovered an amazing curation service to share with you. This is going to be a delight for people searching for some great technical content curated by experts.

What is Curah!?

Curah! is a Microsoft service which promises to offer users great and helpful content which is curated and shared by experts. It isn’t about sharing a list of helpful blogs or websites. Rather it also allows curators to add an authoritarian guidance.

Searching for an information online is not a big deal but if you want reliable information, Curah! is the right place for you. Watch the video and know more about this Microsoft service.

Why Curah!?

When I stumbled across this site I thought it was just another content sharing website. But one thing which makes this service so reliable and helpful is – they believe in sharing “Great curated content”. This ensures that the service isn’t used for spamming the content.


Here is what webmaster at Curah! says –

Curah! a new curation service specifically designed for and maintained by the technical community. With curations we aim to get users where they need to go faster and more reliably with aggregated-answer data, helpful advice, and prescriptive guidance.

How to join in?

Since Curah! is a Microsoft service you can login using your existing Microsoft account and there is no need to complete any registration process. Once you are logged into your account you will require to fill your profile details if you want people to know about you!

You only need to add your name, email, BIO, profile image and URL to website or blog.

When you want to share your curations you simply need to curative your most helpful links. Add details like author, site name, URL, title and short description pointing to some best part of the information or some explanation. Click the ‘Publish’ button and your curation will be shown in the “recent curations” list on the home page.


Curator’s Profile

Your Profile is displayed on the right side of every curations created by you. So it is important to fill all the profile details so that others can know about the curator.

The below screenshot shows the list of curations created by a curator. Notice the profile information on the right side.

list of curations at curah

List of curations

Microsoft believes that Curah! has a very specific purpose of providing people information which is hand-picked, fresh and relevant. The curations created by the experts are reviewed and feedback by other users are taken seriously.

Over to you!

Go join Curah! ( and let us know about your experience with Curah! or If you already are a Curah! user, you can share about your experience so far in the comments box below.

If you know any friends, family members or anyone who you think would find this service useful, do send them a link to this post or share on your social media profiles.

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