A Definitive Guide To Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn

Promote your blog on linkedInLinkedIn is one of the most effective professional network. It may not be as big as Facebook or Twitter but if you want highly targeted traffic, LinkedIn is the best place for you to promote your blog.

Promoting your blogs on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you need to only join groups and promote your posts there. There are so many other tactics you can use to promote your blog.

Presenting definitive guide to promote your blog on LinkedIn…

Get the basics right

Before accepting your invite to connect or send you an invite, your profile is the first thing someone would look for. Make sure you provide as many information as possible. If you are a business owner, Blogger, marketer, CEO, manager, etc. you can use LinkedIn to network with people.

Apart from having a personal profile, you must also have a company profile. Ensure that you fill the About section and upload branded banner.

Start building and establishing connections. Remember its a two way street. If you are not interested in others no one will be interested in you. Respond to your connection’s updates and they will do the same.

The larger the number of connections the more visibility you will get. Be active. Login at least once in a day to check all the updates and notifications.

Use LinkedIn Groups to drive traffic to your blog

Search for groups by clicking on the “Interests” tab and then select “Groups” from the drop down list. Once you find a group that is relevant to your business or blog, join and explore it. Read all the guidelines carefully to prevent yourself from being removed from the group for breaking the rules.

Beware, not every group on LinkedIn is active and engaging. Join groups that foster real engagement and not just encourage link spamming.

Be an active group member and follow all the guidelines stated by the group Admin.

Create your own LinkedIn group

If you feel you have enough connections and an interesting theme for your group, create your own group. Invite your connections to participate in the group.

Creating a group will demand extra time and efforts. But remember, the updates by Admin of any group may get maximum engagement. So you can use it to your advantage.

Do not forget to formulate clear set of guidelines and rules. Otherwise your group may be a central place for spammers.

Promoting your blog to your individual connections

Write custom invite messages and try to avoid being lazy by using the default invite message. Once the person accepts your invitation or you accept someone else’s invitation, send a message explaining what you do and ask about the other person’s work too.

At the end of the message you can append your blog or website URL. Do not insert any URL except at the end of the message otherwise the message may appear to be spammy.

You may use the following as a template:

Hi [Their first name],

Happy to connect. I am a [Blogger,entreoreneur, etc]. I would love to know about you and your work/company/brand.

Have a great day. Hoping to hear back from you.

~ [Your name].


It is important to keep your message as short as possible. Because according to Mashable.com average time visitors spend on LinkedIn per month is 17 minute which is far less compared to other major social networks.

Share posts with your individual connections

If you think one can only promote blog posts on groups and as updates then you are mistaken. You can also share posts with your individual connections. That means you can share the posts with one or more individuals privately.

Using the LinkedIn share button you can share posts with a one or group of connections. (See image below)


Note: Do not spam using this feature.

Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

You can also publish posts on LinkedIn pulse. It is better not to always re-post your blog posts on pulse. Following are some tips that will help you gain attention using Pulse –

  1. Use headings appropriately.
  2. Make use of images as you do on your blog.
  3. Long content would grab more attention.


LinkedIn is the most effective professional network to market your blog. To promote your blog on LinkedIn, all you need to do is – Connect. Engage. Follow up.

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