How Neil Patel got Rich through Freelancing?

 Neil Patel got Rich through FreelancingIn today’s world there are several ways to earn your bread and butter. People are using many ways to earn through the internet. One way of earning through the use of internet is by being a freelancer. If a person wishes to create a location independent income, this is the perfect place to start. This way you become self-employed and not committed to a project on a long-term basis. Not only that freelancing is a unique way of getting a hold of new clients and cultivate your own business. A perfect example that fits this type is of Neil Patel.

Who is Neil Patel

An entrepreneur, part-time blogger and an owner of an innovative mind. He is not only passionate about blogging but he is also a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). He is the co-founder of the million dollar companies with the likes of Hello Bar, Quick Sprout and KISSmetrics. These companies play a vital role in sky rocketing the yearly revenues of the Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, HP, Viacom and NBC.

Neil teaches people how to grow your own business and how to get the attention of target audience. It does not end here, the man blogs on a weekly basis to teach the world about the online marketing.

A brief history

Getting through life, he availed multiple opportunities that did not help him into getting rich. His sister then introduced him to an Oracle Consultant, after which he tried and failed to start his own venture. Eventually he got interested in the digital marketing and got himself enrolled in Cyprus Community College to learn more about this field. This is from where he initiated his first recognizable venture, Crazy Egg. After this remarkable feat he went on to become a global success story.

Neil’s main bussinesses

Neil Patel’s most profitable businesses are KISSmetric and the Quick Sprout. KISSmetric is about helping businesses in tracking online metrics which will help their business grow. For instance KISSmetric helps you to understand where the most profit lies within your business and how to maximize it. On the other hand, he uses Quick Sprout for managing a business and teach others about online marketing. Quick Sprout is a side project, but if there comes a time where Neil need to sell out all of his business, he would still have an opportunity to start again because of Quick Sprout. Quick Sprout is a pretty powerful tool to launch, then promote and get money for his new business venture, since millions of people follow him on Quick Sprout to seek out his expertise on the digital marketing.

Neil’s net worth

Officially there are no exact figures published anywhere to describe his true value. These estimations are based on the evaluations and articles which relate to the yearly earnings with regards to his three companies. Neil’s first company, Crazy Egg, was a huge boost in terms of success and profit. Crazy Egg has an estimated worth of about $10 million.

Neil Patel

Coming towards his next company, KISSmetric was a huge success and came to world attention instantly. This company is valued for as high as $10 million.

Quick Sprout, his third and currently owned company, contributes to another $10 million evaluation.

Finally after subtracting all the taxes and costs that are useful for running a business, Neil must own a staggering $7-10 million, after his arrival to the global stage.

His reason for success

Know your audience

For any article or blog to be successful, a person needs to hit the right target audience with the solution of their problems. Doing this will increase your revenue generated by the blogs. Neil is inclined towards revenue per clients instead of the number of clients. Taking into account his target audience, each company is willing to pay him $100000 per single assignment. Combining with his SEO consultancy skills, this is the one of many reasons why he able to make a million dollar every year.

He focused on facts and figures

Neil Patel - Facts and figures

The key difference between an amateur and a pro blogger lies in their interest for the facts and figures. Same is the case with Neil Patel. Neil makes his audience chase success by stating the figures that helps him grab their attention. For example, he tells them that they can increase the traffic by 100% by following my simple and authentic trick or I decreased my bounce rate by 5% by following this useful technique.

He showed his money without being awkward

We all are aware of the idiom “like attracts like”, same is the case for money as well. The technique that every big player in the financial market has to play to be in that position is that they know how to showcase their success. If a person wants fame, he has to show his fame. This is the success story of Neil Patel. He is true to his followers in terms of what he does on his blogs. Doing this and selling your products online is how he makes thousands of dollars each month. One commonly noticed thing within his blogs is that he associates growth, money and success.

His blog is a platform for him

Neil does not write blogs just so that others can read them. For Neil Patel, his blog is a platform for him to connect with his audience. He writes his blogs with an aim to improve the life of his audience by providing them solutions, for the issues a bloggers faces every single day. It does not end there, his products are a great problem solver for the bloggers as well, whether those problems are on-page or off-page SEO.

How he connects with his audience

A blogger simply cannot catch the attention of the readers without connecting with them. Neil knows how to connect with his audience. For this reason he is quite careful about his length of content, writing skills. Neil always shows his audience that he failed while establishing his first venture. Sharing his failure is one reason that his audience feels a connection with him. They feel that Neil was also a normal human who suffered failure while making himself a millionaire.

Lessons to learn

Neil Patel - A serial entrprenu

During a business negotiations, Neil advices us to be assertive and even if you have to cut people during a conversation for you to tell them that you are the alpha male of the group, do not hesitate in doing so. It not only shows that you know what you are doing but tells everyone that you are confident and in control of the situation.

Another noticeable thing from his writing style is his mindset. He wants us to think big, like he does. One of his all-time favorite post starts with the line, “You are thinking of starting your own business because you want to be rich, right? If that is not the case, I’ll be the first to call you out on your bullshit.”
Neil’s advice for the people who want more traffic to their website is that you think long-term. For that to happen you need to pay attention to the monthly traffic instead of the daily traffic, and keep a difference in between the fads and the trends. In the end, just be patient because success does not come overnight.

Last but not the least, he wants his audience to hustle. Do not let anything stand in your way. If you fail, try to learn from your mistakes and never repeat them and keep on moving forward. Your work is a reflection of your mindset.

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