How to Turn into a Permanent Employee From a Freelancer?

turn into a permanent employee from a freelancerWith an increasing awareness about the online earning strategies, people are now finding the new way of cashing their talent by turning into freelancers and enjoying the freedom of not working under a boss. Although there are no doubts that working under this niche, people have turned into rich service providers but again there is always an uncertainty factor especially when you are a newbie in the freelancing business. Through our experiences in money making business, we suggest you to try looking for consistency once you are done with the initial earning-respect stage as a freelancer. If you are determined and do not want to miss the golden sparrow then here are some interesting tips on how to turn into a permanent employee from a freelancer once you get a hold of a client, worth working for!

1) Impress your client through your proposal

Who has not heard the famous quote that the first impression is the last impression and this is the only key to success when it comes to freelancing. If you are a freelancer and hope to get more work from the same client, you need to assure him indirectly that you are the right one for him in every way. Having a good experience working as a freelancer also, we know the significance of words that a freelancer uses in his proposal. Your client judges you from your words and once you achieve a high rating for him, you can then hope for a better package.

2) Sound Professional

There is nothing personal or emotional when it comes to an online earning market, to be more accurate, freelance market. You work for people who do not see you and you too hardly know anything about your client. Always sound professional when you discus work with you client. This places a positive impression on him and he might then consider hiring you.

3) Work hard

There is no alternative to work hard when it comes to progressing in your career. Work hard so that you work reveals your capabilities.

4) Tell your success stories

It might not be possible every time to interact with your client that frequently but always keep in mind that your previous success stories that are related to his work also, will always draw his attention towards hiring you as a full-time employee so that he can utilize you as a resource.

5) Be honest in judging your price

Do not worry after reading the heading, you are not for sale, but your time is. We all sale our time in return of some money and as a freelancer, you cannot take all price from one client for different long working hours you render collectively as a freelancer in general. You are about to turn you not-so-certain income into a permanent monthly salary, therefore, there is no harm in working for $20-30 less than what you earn through freelancing.

6) Ask for referrals

Obviously, not all clients you will meet on freelancing sites will be having a large business to appoint you, but there are chances that people they know might be looking for people like you. Ask your clients to refer you as permanent employee as it is he knows how capable you are.

7) Target Clients of your country

If you plan to be a freelancer all your life, great, search for offers all over the world but if you have some intentions of turning into a permanent employee from a freelancer at any stage of your career, try to keep your hands on clients who belong to your own country so that you can actually meet your client and see his office and set up.

8) Continue Freelancing

If you are lucky enough to get a permanent job in your client’s office, that’s a great news, bravo; but you can always make more money in your free times by offering your services as a freelancer.

Doing a white-collar desk job might be boring while working on your laptop from your bed might appeal to you more, but be professional and judge your capabilities. Think two steps ahead and frame your present accordingly.

We hope that the above stated tips help you out in getting a permanent job,


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