10 Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

 McDonalds.jpg29FIFA 2014 is about to reach it ends soon and it has been a pleasure for the STC Network to share all important and worth knowing stuff with its readers and here we are again with an amazing information about FIFA World Cup 2014. If you have been wondering about the top 10 brands to promote FIFA Cup 2014, here is all what you should know.

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10. Budweiser:

Budweiser Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Alcoholic drinks are a part of the FIFA tournament and this is why Budweiser is one of the major sponsors and partners of FIFA cup Brazil. They are the official beer providers for FIFA since 1986 and this partnership has extended through 2022.

09. Visa:

Visa Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Visa is one of the many partners for FIFA 2014 with having exclusive global rights in terms of financial services product category this year. They include all the rights to the competitions in FIFA and activities which are in relation to it.

08. McDonald’s:

McDonald’s Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

FIFA has announced McDonald’s to be their sponsor for all the games from 2007 to 2014 making it one of the major sponsoring partner in the tournament because McDonald’s has once again shown its faith in FIFA world cup and is an initiative in the program named as “Football For A Better Future”.

07. Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Johnson & Johnson has announced that they are entering into an agreement and now have become the global partners for FIFA world cup 2014. They will be, this way, the official healthcare sponsor and will be able to provide medical devices, diagnostic and pharmaceutical materials as well.

06. Castrol:

Castrol Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Castrol has been awarded with the global rights of FIFA 2014 which depends on the performance index of Castrol overall.

05. Sony:

Sony Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

FIFA has given Sony a broad assortment of high-class marketing, advertising as well as promotional rights too during all the matches being played in FIFA world cup tournament making t attain a very high sponsorship status.

04. Hyundai:

Hyundai Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

FIFA sponsorship is the major and core element for Hyundai motors in terms of their marketing strategy and is considered as one of the effective ways to communicate with their customers.

03. Emirates:

Emirates Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Emirates have been the official partner for FIFA since 2006 and are the very first airline sponsors to have global rights to all the competitions during tournament.

02. Coca-Cola:

Coca Cola  Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

They are the longest standing sponsors/ partners of FIFA and are responsible for the stadium advertising at every FIFA play-offs.

01. Adidas:

Adidas Brands to Promote FIFA Cup 2014

Being the most popular sport brand of the world, adidas has controlled all the major expansions in boot, ball and clothing expertise and are currently the most important promoter of FIFA world cup 2014.

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