10 Most difficult New Year Resolutions For 2014

Most difficult New Year Resolutions For 2014It seems only yesterday that 2013 entered in our lives and here it comes to an end. 2014 is all upon us with new hopes, new dreams and new resolutions. If you have been into a practice of preparing the New Year’s resolutions each December, then here is what you really need to look at. Life is all about accepting challenges and adapting changes in life. Here are 10 most difficult New Year Resolutions for 2014 which is to start soon after a couple of hours.

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1) I will not Use Facebook

I will not Use Facebook

If you are a Facebook addict or a social media fan, here is one of the most difficult New Year resolutions for you. Have you been hearing from your family and friends that you are wasting a little too much time on Facebook? If yes, then say it to yourself that ‘I will not use Facebook’ in 2014.

2) I will sleep 9 hours a day

I will sleep 9 hours a day

This one is a targeted one for those readers who are way too engrossed in enjoying their lives to fullest, so much so that they are not paying attention towards their health. If you are spoiled brat, a student or a newly employed man, there is hardly a possibility that you are managing your sleep properly. As it has been said, health comes first, therefore, promise to yourself that ‘I will sleep 9 hours a day’.

3) I will love my work-not money

I will love my work-not money

In order to follow the footsteps of the most successful people in the world, one is required to feel accountable towards his work, whether it is his studies, job or house chores. If you are among the few practical ones out there who live to love money, here is an interesting New Year resolution for you.

4) I will not waste money on shopping

shopping waste

People have different priorities and for some, it is shopping which gets them an ultimate peace. If you are a shopaholic person, try saving some dollars in 2014 by not wasting money on shopping.

5) I will clean my teeth at night daily

brush my teeth 2014

Twice a day-everyday! That’s what which reveals how often one needs to brush his teeth in a day. However, there are some carefree souls who often skip brushing their teeth before going to bed and for them; this can be a New Year resolution that ‘I will clean my teeth at night daily’.

6) I will watch movies on weekend only

If you are a movie lover and also busy in office or in studies, you need to promise yourself that you will frame a timetable and will watch movies on weekends only.

7) I will not download torrent to avoid promoting piracy

no to piracy in 2014

No one hates the free meal. No one cares about piracy too. Let us not be among the no ones’ of the society. Promise yourself that ‘I will not download torrent to avoid promoting piracy’.

8) I will eat homemade lunch when Pizza is available

Are you a fast food lover? It has serious side effects on health you know? How about promising your mother that you will eat homemade lunch when pizza can be ordered? She will really be pleased hearing this.

9) I will eat no chocolates to reduce weight


For the fatty followers, if you are trying to reduce some kgs like me, you need to make it a New Year’s Resolution that you will not east chocolates and will resist all juicy temptations for chocos to reduce weight.

10) I will not tease my best buddy

Life is all about teasing your buddies. If you are lucky enough to have a mate whom you love to tease, give him a shock by telling him that you have aligned your jokes now and will not tease him any further. He will be more than happy then.

The New Year is all here and we hope that all our readers plan their resolutions wisely this year to make themselves more productive.


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