10 Most Irritating Jobs In 2014

 irritating jobs in 2014Working for someone you even do not know and getting a fixed amount home each month is irritating itself but there is even a worst reality existing in the world. If you are not happy with your white collar job, it is now time to thank destiny for letting you a chance of having a decent job out there as there are a couple of people who are happily employed with the most irritating jobs.

Some of the most irritating and annoying jobs of 2014 are mentioned below!

Real Estate

Real Estate most irritating job

Real estate agents can be very exasperating and bothersome so weather it is about answering the phone calls at unfortunate times or being very persistent with the customers, it can be very challenging for people to endure some of such real estate negotiators.

Tax Collection

Tax Collection most irritating job

Collecting unpaid taxes from individuals and corporations is a very challenging task to do and the people who collect such taxes are sometimes acknowledged as evil and are known to be of same stereotype as that of the lawyers.

Room/Home Cleaning

Room Cleaning most irritating job

There are several duties that come along if a person is a house or a room cleaner. They not just have to prepare the room for cleaning purpose but also make the bed, vacuum the carpets and dust out the furniture but sometimes it can be very irritating since they are responsible for following the standard operating procedures.


Waiter most irritating job

It is very hard being a waiter at some restaurant because not just the pay is very less but the working hours are long as well and there are many customers which can be very galling and demanding but on the other hand, if the customer is nice, having an annoying waiter can be enough for ruining the evening too.

Door-To-Door Salesman

Door-To-Door Salesman most irritating job

It is very tough being a Door-To-Door Salesman and it is not a fun job or thing to do at all. So much effort is required with the worker and very fewer results are seen.

Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter most irritating job

Reporters have always had long hours and tight deadlines with low pay, but with the move to digital, the hiring outlook is brutal.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver most irritating job

This job is one of the most annoying jobs this year because of the fact that it does not just require working in dangerous work surroundings but low pay is another vicious thing about this profession.

Garbage Collector

Garbage Collector most irritating job

Garbage collector has constantly graded short, given the hard-hitting situations and squat recompense. Nevertheless, with municipal declines during the downturn, additional waste management has been pressed to the remote segment, and that means lower remunerations.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant most irritating job

The immense influences here are alliance and reductions in the airline diligence making it a very problematic job to do.

Telephone Surveyor

Telephone Surveyor most irritating job

It is a very difficult job to do because telephone surveyors must contemplate speedily on their feet. This is imperative because not every survey moves along in the identical way.

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