Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Owned by Athletes

10 most expensive athlete homesSome people like to surround themselves with luxury. Some buy expensive cars, while others buy large and extremely expensive homes that many can’t even afford to keep. And often times, it is the rich celebrities that you see lavishly spending money on the luxuries of life. For example, check out these large, beautiful and extremely expensive homes owned by athletes. These are some of the best in their sports, and among the richest athletes in the world.

10. Pete Sampras

  • Sport: Tennis (former player)
  • Home’s location: Lake Sherwood, California
  • Worth: $19.9 Million
  • Square footage: 16,177
  • Features: 7 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, breakfast bar, theater room, pool, gym, and spa

Pete Sampras

9. Tom Brady

  • Sport: NFL
  • Home’s location: Brentwood, California
  • Worth: $20 Million
  • Square footage: 22,000
  • Features: 8 bedrooms, nursery, spa, pool, and gym

Tom Brady

8. Deion Sanders

  • Sport: NFL
  • Home’s location: Dallas, Texas
  • Worth: $21 Million
  • Square footage: 29,122
  • Features: 109 acres land, 10 car garage, bowling alley, football field, indoor basketball court, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, game room, and a private 12 acre lake.

Deion Sanders

7. David Beckham

  • Sport: Soccer
  • Home’s location: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
  • Worth: $22 Million
  • Square footage: 24 Acres
  • Features: 7 bedrooms, gazebos, petting zoo, recording studio, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, tennis courts, billiard room, and garden

David Beckham

6. Alex Rodriguez

  • Sport: Baseball
  • Home’s location: Miami, Florida
  • Worth: $24 Million

Alex Rodriguez

5. Troy Aikman

  • Sport: NFL (former)
  • Home’s location: Highland Park, Texas
  • Worth: $24.5 Million
  • Square footage: 10,520
  • Features: 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, 4 car garage, basketball court, pool.

Troy Aikman

4. Micheal Jordan

  • Sport: Basketball (former)
  • Home’s location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Worth: $29 Million
  • Square footage: 32,683
  • Features: 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a 3-bedroom guesthouse, 3 garages, pool, tennis court, lake.

Micheal Jordan

3. Joe Montana

  • Sport: NFL (former)
  • Home’s location: Calistoga, California
  • Worth: $35 Million
  • Square footage: 9,700
  • Features: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, skeet-shooting range, olive garden, basketball court, equestrian stable, pool

joe montana

2. Tiger Woods

  • Sport: Golf
  • Home’s location: Jupiter Island, Florida
  • Worth: $54.5 Million
  • Square footage: 10,000
  • Features: Four bedrooms, boathouse, golf training studio, cinema, tennis court, gym, 4 hole golf course.

tiger woods

1. Greg Norman

  • Sport: Golf
  • Home’s location: Jupiter Island, Florida
  • Worth: $65 Million
  • Square footage: 18,000
  • Features: Six buildings in total with some ocean front property as well.

greg norman

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