10 NGOs In Pakistan that Take Donations Internationally

ngo_logo1Pakistan, as we all know, is a country that can not survive on its own generated income or stake in different fields of life. There is a large part of Pakistan’s financial stability that has been played by different organizations and agencies (government or non-government). The role of non-governmental organizations in stabilizing the economic conditions of Pakistan can not be neglected anyhow. There are a great many names that work internationally for Pakistan by making their offices here and providing their services to develop the country.

 1.    Oxfam Pakistan

3. oxfam pakistan

Oxfam is the first name of the Pakistani NGO that has been functioning since 1973. It has been famous for its objectives to be accomplished in the field of women literacy, ending violence against women, food security, disaster risk reduction and climate change.

2.    Muslim Aid Pakistan

4. muslim aid pakistan

Muslim Aid is another big name in the list of Pakistani NGOs that take donations internationally. It comes up with a vision of making a world of peace, compassion and justice. Also eliminating poverty and providing the community a dignified an independent living.

3.    Save The Children

5. save the children

 Mainly purposed for the lives and betterment of the children of Pakistan, Save the Children is an international organization that was founded in 1919. Its idea of promoting children rights and its help and support in this regard is phenomenal.

4.    Church World Service Pakistan

6. church world servcie

Church world service (CWS) was founded in 1946 and it has been providing its services to Pakistan since the very beginning. It works for providing sustainable self-help, disaster relief and refugee assistance around the world.

5.    WWF

7. wwf pakisatn

WWF entered Pakistan in 1970 in order to recover the growing conservation and environment issues. WWF-Pakistan carries out conservation work according to the Global Programme Framework. The Framework includes biodiversity and human footprint meta-goals.

6.    USAID

8. usaid pakistan

USAID is the most popular and productive agency of USA for providing financial aid to Pakistan. Its objective is to remove extreme poverty from the country and make a society able to realize their potentials. During last years, it has focused on five areas including energy, economic growth, education, health and stabilization.

7.    International Labor Organization

9. inter  national labor organization

ILO is one of the oldest names in the list of Pakistani International NGOs. It was launched in Pakistan in 1970 and since its inception, it has been providing technical assistance to bring social justice in the Pakistani society promoting human rights and responsibilities.

8.    International Rescure Committee Pakistan

10 international rescure committee

The next name on the list is International Rescure Committee which has been working in Pakistan since 1980. It provides its services in education, healthcare, emergency relief and job training for those who have been deprived of all these basic facilities in the country.

9. Relief International Pakistan

11. relief international paksitan

After a massive earthquake in Pakistan in KPK and azad Jammu and Kashmir, Relief International was launched in Pakistan. It was in the year 2005 that it became the most prominent NGO to be present at that time. It still continues to be the first choice in case of emergencies like earthquakes or floods.

10.  BRAC Pakistan

 12. brac pakistan

BRAC was launched in Pakistan in 2007 and now it has successfully reached over 2.54 million people under its assistance. It provides its support in the areas like education, microfinance, health and support for ultra-poor.

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