10 Popular TV Anchors in Pakistan in 2014

Popular TV Anchors in Pakistan in 2014Out of many countries where politics is a major source of entertainment and debate, Pakistan stands high in the list with a long list of contributors who can be regarded as the pioneers of today’s television political handling. If you have been lately into politics and have been following the prominent channels to keep yourself updated about the political situation, you must know the top 10 top popular TV Anchors in Pakistan in 2014 and are highly regarded as the prominent ones. Have a look!

Absar Alam

Absar Alam popular Pakistani TV anchor

He is a senior journalist and a very popular TV anchor as well. He is currently associated with GEO TV network and speaks truth no matter how any threats he gets. He can never compromise when it comes to his principles or being honest about the politics.

Muhammad Malik

Muhammad Malik Popular Pakistani TV anchor

He is currently working with Duniya News and has a history of association with Jang group as well. For him it is always about focusing on the stuff that you have to say while being totally unbiased about the situation. He is a very generous person but he has never had any double minded point of view.

Aasma Shirazi

Aasma Shirazi popular Pakistani TV anchor

She is a female journalist and an anchor person working recently with Dawn News. She has also worked with Samaa TV, GEO News and later on ARY News as well. She presently clouds a Talk Show, “Faisla Awam Ka”.

Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha popular Pakistani TV anchor

She is a Pakistani correspondent and anchor Bucha started off as a production development associate and became the creator for the first English Language Bulletin on GEO News. Other than producing it, Bucha regularly presented the show as well.

Jawed Malik

Jawed Malik popular Pakistani TV anchor

He is currently hosting his own program on ARY network called as Insight with Jawed Malik, talks about current and international affairs of the country.

Naeem Bukhari

Naeem Bukhari popular Pakistani TV anchor

Naeem Bokhari has hosted well-known TV talk shows including Apne Andaz Se on which he has interrogated many famed and powerful personalities of the Pakistani society. He is known as one of the most knowledgeable personalities of Pakistan which is because of the TV shows he has hosted.

Nadeem Malik

Nadeem Malik Popular Pakistani TV anchor

He is presently employed in Samaa TV and Aaj TV. He is in the grade of top ten anchors because he has an impartial and neutral opinion for all sorts of subjects. He has a very lenient panache of speech.

Ayesha Bakhsh

Ayesha Bakhsh Popular Pakistani TV anchor

She is one of the most famous Pakistani television News anchor and a Journalist. She is well known for her work on Geo News.

Moeed Pirzada

Moeed Pirzada Popular Pakistani TV anchor

Moeed Pirzada has worked with Dunya TV, PTV news and Waqt news. He has questioned intercontinental personalities like Hillary Clinton, Jaswant Singh and Richard Holbrook. He also has a compact grasp on international dealings.

Talat Hussain

Talat Hussain popular Pakistani TV anchor

He has courageous and optimistic sentiments about the convinced subjects happening in Pakistan. He has a whole lot of work knowledge; he has functioned in PTV, Aaj TV, and Dawn news and also in Express News.

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