10 Possible Countries To Host FIFA World Cup in 2018

 most-expensive-football-transfersFIFA has always been the most desirable means of entertainment when it comes to sports. These days when the football lovers are finding themselves all busy with the FIFA 2014 craze, it can be a debatable topic about how wonderfully this seasons has been hosted by Brazil. It is at this point of the season that it can be really interesting to see which country is most likely to host FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Here is a compiled list of most prominent countries that might host FIFA in 2018. Have a look!

1. Russia

Russia possible FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: none

In 2010, Russia has been chosen to host the 21st FIFA World Cup. Although Russia is not a strong team and surely does not stand a chance against the European nations, being the host team it has got its pros. Russia has less experience in participating in FIFA but there are chances that the host team will at least make their way up to the semi finals.

2. Brazil

Brazil possible country for FIFA 2014

Previous wins: five

Brazil is the only nation to have won FIFA World Cup five times. However, they didn’t get a chance to hold the trophy since 2002. They have a good team with Kaka, Hulk and Neymar but they will need to work hard against the other stronger contenders.

3. Italy

Italy possible country for FIFA 2018

Previous wins: four

Italy is considered the power house of football and they have performed well throughout FIFA World Cup history. After Brazil, they also have the honor of being the nation with four trophies. Italy has strong and young players. They are destined to perform good in the future FIFA World Cups.

4. Germany

Germany possible FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: three

The strength of the German side is their teamwork and excellent planning. Although they won the last FIFA World Cup 14 years back, they are still strong competitors for the other teams.

5. Spain

Spain FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: one

Spain is the champion of the last FIFA World Cup. They are surely considered as one of the favorites for 2014 FIFA World Cup as well.

6. Portugal

Portugal FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: none

Portugal has not yet won any title but it has the expertise of Ronaldo and so they never lose hope. They will be strong contenders for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

7. Argentina

Argentina FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: two

Argentina lifted the trophy 18 years back and did not manage to reach the finals since the last 14 years. The team is not as strong as the European teams but it is expected to perform better in 2018.

8. Belgium

Belgium FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: none

Belgium’s team comprises of young players. They lack experience and the style of World Cup Football but are still considered strong competitors because of their good defense.

9. France

France FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: one

France only won one title after defeating Brazil in 1998. It has young talent which may help to uphold the trophy once again after 20 years.

10. Netherlands

Netherlands FIFA country 2018

Previous wins: none

Netherlands has not yet won any FIFA World Cup. They were close to winning in 2010 but lost to Spain 0-1. The team is improving its playing tactics and is predicted to top the list of FIFA World Cup very soon.

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