10 Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

clip_image018.jpgIt is always found exciting to explore amazing places on earth to travel and to spend time at. Our world is full of wonderful and shocking places bestowed upon by nature for the tourists and travelers eager to discover fun amazement and thrill. Travelling in best form of natural creations is the best thing that can ever happen. So the given list highlights ten most shocking and spectacular places that worth a visit in 2015.

Angel falls

Angel Falls Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

The world’s highest waterfall at a height of 979 meters , as the name indicates is a waterfall from the highest point is in Venezuela. This is one extremely beautiful attractions for the tourists and travelers to visit. The waterfall is located in an isolated jungle that makes its travel a complicated one but full of adventures and excitement. The calm and soothing green boundaries make it more worthy and beautiful.

This waterfall is world fame and also it attracts the media concerns as before it has been a part of Disney’s animated movie ‘Up’. This unusual and unconventional waterfall with its tremendous gust of waves and winds crashing against the rocks is one of the beautiful sceneries that a nature loving person can observe.

Antelope canyon USA

Antelope canyon USA Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

Antelope Canyon, located on Navajo land is a unanimous and amazing canyon to visit. It is a slotted canyon in the Southwest America including two separate photogenic sections. The most overwhelming sight is the beams of sunlight striking the canyon and entering the surface reflecting various spectacular colors.

The uniqueness of this place can be a charm of photographers to capture amazing photos of the sight but it is kind of uncertain due to high exposure to the sun. the glittering shiny antelope canyon has been one of the most favorite places of the tourists in the list of tourism venues.

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

The twinkling colors on the mountains be one of the most amazing and shocking pieces of nature in the world. Yes this is not about a painting on a canvas but a colorful range of mountains located in danxia geological park in China. It is composed of smooth and sharp precipitous cliffs and reflects various color schemes making it known as ‘Rainbow Mountains’.

The uniqueness of this landform is a kaleidoscope of various rocky outcrops resembling weird shapes that includes castles, cones, creatures, even humans and beasts. In the rainy season, the rainfall puts cherry on the top.

The best time to visit this mountain range is in the morning or at sunset when the colors change continuously showing yellow and red prominent. This place stands firmly in the list of the amazing and shocking places of the world.

Son Doong Vietnam

Son Doong Vietnam Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

The world’s largest cave known as ‘Son Doong’ cave that lately became internationally known in year 2009 is located in Vietnam. One of the world’s most amazing and wonderful tourist attractions that is unique in all contexts. It took the spot of largest cave after Phong Nha Cave and not only largest but amazing and one of its own kind.

The roar of fiery stream and the whistling sound of the winds generated at the entrance of the cave is breathtaking experience for the nature loving and praising people.

Red Sea Star Restaurant

Red Sea Star Restaurant Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

Red sea star restaurant, the only underwater restaurant in the world stands in the list of most shocking venues due to its features and other amazing dimensions. it is seventy meters off the shore of Eilat in the water of red sea. This place attracts the tourists interest because of number of luxurious and fun-filled avenues that include delicious seafood in beautifully decorated restaurant, natural sceneries under water, whining and dining in the metro bar with romantic sounds of your choice in short whatever a tourist looks forward to.

It enables to experience a dry diving trip with a breathtaking sight of underwater creatures and aquatic kingdom. The interior design and the construction under water is an exception and fascinates everyone to visit the place at least once in a life time.

Naica Mine Mexico

Naica mine  Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

Naica mine is a mine of mexico best known for its extraordinary selenite crystals. It can be assumed as one of the upcoming tourists’ attraction because of its weird and amazing structure and features. The most shocking mine that is also known as mine of swords gives a mysterious and amazing sight because of its solid crystals planted in different shapes and sizes and spread in a web kind of structure.

Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

Salar de Uyuni most commonly referred as the largest mirror of the world is a salt flat located in the Southwest of Bolivia. Deviating from the convention, this is not a desert full of sands but it features white expanses of glistening salt.

Unlike any other places on earth Salar de Uyuni is breathtakingly beautiful place and attracts the tourists’ attention towards its uniqueness.

Unlike any other place on earth, the Salar de Uyuni is breathtakingly beautiful and provides an extraordinary experience that will not be quickly forgotten.

Fly Ranch Geyser

Fly Ranch Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

The accidentally created Fly Geyser also known as Fly Ranch Geyser is not completely natural but a bit artificial. It was discovered in Nevada during the drilling of a well. The mount on which the geyser sits is still growing and water escaping from the underground sources. It has become a beautiful and amazing sight for tourists to seek enjoyment and charm of a perfect collaboration of nature and beauty.

Door To Hell Turkmenistan

Door to hell Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

The door to hell as the name shows is a weird and suspicious phenomenon on the earth and is considered one of the most shocking sights for the visitors and travelers. It is a natural gas field in Derweze in Turkmenistan which is famous worldwide and many tourists yearly visit the sight.

The uniqueness of this field is the fire that has been burning continuously since it was lit by petrochemical engineers in 1971. It looks like a door to hell mostly at night due to the continuous lighting of fire and is actually a breathtaking sight.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Most Shocking Places To Visit In 2015

Machu Picchu, a 15th century Inca site is located in the Machu Picchu District in Peru. Comprising of three primary structures : Inti Watana , The Temple of the Sun, and the room of the three windows , Machu Picchu is a great attraction of tourists. It also stands amongst one of the seven wonders of the world which gives it international significance and one most sighted places for the visitors.

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