15 Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About David Beckham

15 Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About David BeckhamDavid Robert Joseph Beckham had been the most Googled football player and star for many years, the credit for which all goes to the skills and the physical appearance that he has. Let’s have a closer look at the most interesting facts people are not aware about David Beckham and  learn all what you might have missed so far.

1. Most Googled Soccer Player Of All Times:

David Beckham is one of those soccer stars which have been most searched by the audience on Google.

2. He is a Jewish:

Not just David Beckham’s mother side is all Jewish but it is because of this fact that he considers himself half Jewish as well for that matter.

3. Promotion Of His Cars:

David Beckham once got paid around 18 million dollars by an auto dealer so he can have a little trip around the Asia for his car promotion and advertisement.

4. Final Home Match:

After David Beckham’s team called St. Germaine played their game in Paris in May 2013, he waved goodbye making the match his last final home match.

5. Winning Record:

David Beckham has won his games everywhere he has played them and has gotten one league title to the max with almost all the teams he has played for.

6. Fergie’s Booth Catcher:

He once got kicked by a shoe which was thrown by Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United in his anger.

7. Married To A Spice Girl:

He was dating Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams and got married to her after as well.

8. Wore A Sarong:

Just like he was oversensitive with his hairstyles, wearing a sarong was one of the things that may be were not his best moments in regard to fashion.

9. New Pair Of Boots:

David Beckham has a habit of wearing a new pair of boots in every game that he played or have played already.

10. Running Records:

When associated with Manchester United he used to run and jog for about 8.8 miles more than the other players of the team.

11. Movie In The Name:

David Beckham has a movie named after him called “Bend It like Beckham”.

12. Country Love:

He was a host in Olympics 2012 and has given around 115 appearances for England.

david bekham

13. H&M Cover:

A mid-town building has a full length picture of David Beckham in his boxer briefs.

14. OCD:

David Beckham suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder which makes him keep getting tattoos.

15. Statue Of David Beckham:

A gold covered bronze statue of David Beckham is present in Thai Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

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