Top 9 Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Top 9 Gadgets You Can't Live Without The feeling of living without a smartphone is getting rare these days. There are a very few people who can live peacefully without technology and gadgets on their mind. Otherwise most of the people just get panic-stricken even if they can’t find their smartphone at an arm’s length. However, there really are some other cool gadgets without which many entrepreneurs and businessman can’t live.

Have a look at such gadgets!

1) Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD is the second generation of Amazon’s line of color touch screen tablet under the name of Kindle Fire. It allows in depth reading and is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your creativity for business.

2) Surface Pro

Surface Pro is one of the coolest gadgets today. It is a complete and fully functional laptop which can also operate as a tablet. It works exactly like a normal laptop does but it is relatively lightweight and compact.

3) Surface

People are totally in love with their surface. It has an attached keyboard which makes it more convenient to use while on business trips.

4) A White Envelope

White envelope is the best device out of all the gadgets. Just like a white envelope, it can be folded in half and can be kept in the back pocket. It can easily be for immediate purposes.

5) Portable Garmin

Portable Garmin

Portable Garmin saves a lot of people stress and headaches out of severe traffic congestions. It provides a clean and simple path to your destination and makes your mobile navigation worth the cost. It enables you to roam about freely even in a new city.

6) iPad

iPad really is one gadget without which most of the people can live or travel. It kills their time and boredom while heading to long distant destinations. It allows you to read magazines, play games and keep yourself engaged.

7) MiFi

MiFi is the most favorite gadget of a common man. It is a personal Wi-Fi network which connects to the web via your cell signals. It is a very handy and useful tool as it allows you to stay connected even on the move.

8) Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass is an amazing gadget launched recently which can help you do multiple tasks simultaneously. All you have to do is wear the glasses and start working on the go. Meanwhile, if you get any notification then you can always use your voice to reply back.

9) iPad Mini

iPad is the most handy gadget when it comes to iPads, laptops or tablets. It works as a mini computer at many homes and is very comfy to use. It is cool to get the same browsing on the iPad mini just like you can get on any laptop or tablet.

You all must be using one or more of the above mentioned gadgets and you must all agree that you can’t live without any of them. Share your views. All for now!

Stay Blessed!

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