Billionaire Developer to Rebuild World Trade Center

Larry Silverstein world trade centerIf you have always thought what stopped a world trade center to re-establish after the brutal incident of 9/11, the answer is, nothing. As per the latest reveals, Larry Silverstein, a renowned real estate owner, is all good to go to the rebuilding of world’s trade center.

 “As we approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11, it’s important to pause. We will always remember. It’s also a time to reflect on New York’s resilience and how far we’ve come.” Real estate developer Larry Silverstein began his speech on the occasion on the podium at the World’s trade Center. 85 year old Larry gave the speech few days ago and stirred a new level of motivation in the people of New York.

Here is something that you should not miss out knowing about him.

Knowing more about Larry Silverstein

There have always been challenges like widespread bureaucracy, lawsuits and a lack of support from city and state governments in the city of New York after 9/11 of 2001, but even with all the negativity going around, Larry still managed to work hard by rebuilding the enhancing the ornaments of the World’s trade Center. He has managed to build his own company’s good reputation and has managed to earn about $1.4 million through his major developer in New York.

Larry Silversteinq

During an interview, the words of motivation that came out of his mouth regarding his journey were, “It’s been a 15-year challenge and something we dedicated ourselves to a long time ago. Happily, we were able to stay with it.” His dedication towards the incident of 9/11 can be estimated by the fact that he and his colleagues have donated about $10 million to the memorial services of 9/11.

Larry Silverstein Family Background

Silverstein’s father was a pianist who later became a real estate broker to provide his family with a comfortable life. After graduation, Silverstein joined his father’s business, but he realized that it will not be enough to satisfy his wife and children. Hence, he decided to make his own way into the world’s economy by buying buildings and fixing them up. With the help of a bunch of investors they had gathered, Silverstein and his father bought an office for the company they had co-founded. The company’s office cost them $600,000. Even though they had no money of their own, they still managed to make their way into the business.

Larry Silverstein world trade centre

With the passage of days, their company started making a good profit. They managed to buy more companies with the help of private investors. The company was a big success, but before it got all the success it deserved, Silverstein’s father passed away leaving it all to his son. Silverstein’s properties built the most amazing commercial building named as 7 World trade centre. It got so much success that it became the company’s world signature asset. The establishment became known as the company’s headquarters.

More about business

According to the bond document, one of the stake holders of the company Silverstein’s properties is Larry’s sister.
As it is said that, “with great success comes great struggle.” You cannot expect everything to go your own way. Everything and everyone cripples at some point in life. The same happened with Silverstein. Silverstein worked extremely hard for a bright future. In 2001, he signed a leash for the twin towers. The leash was worth 3.2 billion dollars. Just six weeks later, the Twin Towers were attacked by the terrorists. People and valuable ornaments were lost on this day. After the incident, the 7 world trade centre collapsed, but the building was soon evacuated and a lot of lives were saved.

All for now, good luck to Larry Silverstein for his plans.

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