A Detailed Look at the Life of John Paul DeJoria

A Detailed Look at the Life of John Paul DeJoriaWe have been sharing much about the inspirational people who have done enough in their life to be cherished for and the next in our list is John Paul Dejoria. If you have been researching about the lives of richest people in the world, you will find him with some amazing wealth.

Here is a detailed look at the life of John Paul Dejoria.

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John Paul DeJoria-A Multi-millionaire entrepreneur

John Paul DeJoria is one of the most famous jetsetter, a philanthropist as well as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur apart from being a well know environmentalist. Some of his friends are Kevin Costner, Cher, Michael Douglas, Pierce Brosnan, Fran Dresher, Robert Kennedy and Jr., Sir Richard Branson. His has six worlds’ biggest homes which are scattered all around US and travels in his own private jet to reach to any of his terminuses.

His Life and a Tough Beginning

He was not this famous ever since but his early childhood was very tough for him as he was the youngest son of his immigrant parents who had been relocated from Italy and Greece having their own American dream in their eyes.


His parents got divorced when he was just two years old and his brother and he had to sell out Christmas cards and newspapers on the road in order to make a living. He used to get up at three a.m. in the morning and deliver the papers so they can live a better life. But still his aims and goals were very simple. Though he end up being in a street gang but when he did graduate from high school his paths were entirely diverse. He had been homeless twice and he calls it one of the most frightening times of his life. But then his luck changed and he got an offer at an entry level marketing position at Time Magazine and later he got appointed as a Los Angeles circulation manager. He then worked for the Redken Laboratories which was that era’s one of the most leading hair salon companies. Within 18 months of his job he got allotted at the position of national manager.

Life of John Paul DeJoria

During the year 1980 he soared at the fortuitous to join the forces with his long time fellows and renowned hair designer Paul Mitchell. Though they didn’t had much wealth at the beginning of their business together but they still somehow managed to scrape around 700 dollars to bankroll their company during which John Paul DeJoria did the hair shows and Paul Mitchell looked after the marketing and sales. Today John Paul DeJoria is a multi-millionaire individual multi-million dollar hair empire of John Paul Mitchell Systems with annual retail sales well over $800 million. But he never overlooks where he is coming from and help others to get this sort of tremendous success as much as conceivable.

His life is surely an inspiration for many,


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