10 reasons how Instagram is taking a lead over Snapchat


Instagram and Snapchat are like fraternal twins which serve a similar purpose with a diverse look and feel. Their sole idea is to share pictures and videos with friends, family or anyone they prefer to. With the rapid transformations and constant new features being launched, it is getting quite complicated to decide the finer of the two. However, with the latest release of Instagram, it might win over Snapchat. Let’s have a look!

1) Active users

Instagram has more active users than Snapchat. It is considered to be approximately 2 times more alive and popular among the celebrities and the affluent. According to various resources, Instagram has 300 million users as compared to Snapchat’s 150 million. Also, Snapchat has recently gained popularity while Instagram has been in the market for a longer time, hence the higher number of users. No doubt, it simply outnumbers Snapchat!

2) Life of posts

Major success of Instagram lies in the life of its posts. On Snapchat, once clicked, the post can only be viewed for 10 seconds and then it is gone forever while on Instagram, it lasts a lifetime. One can always refer back to when and what was posted. It keeps track of all the special days and moments – a major plus!

3) Target audience

Snapchat has a narrow base of audience in comparison to Instagram. It mostly targets teens and college students ranging from 13 years to 24 years. On the other hand, Instagram captures everyone’s attention; be it youngsters or adults. Just like Facebook, it brings together everyone under the same roof.

4) Instagram story

Moreover, the new ‘Instagram Story’ feature was a very smart move! Though, people are calling it a ‘copy-cat’ move but all is fair when it is done to protect its users from falling for other platforms. It is no longer just a photo and video sharing application!

5) Tech factor

The latest tech and novel features attract most of the people towards these apps. Snapchat has some really cool features such as location, temperature, time and snazzy stickers but it just cannot win over the coolest fonts and hash tags offered by Instagram. It brings out their stories to a completely new level and that is what the public requires!

6) Post publicly

On Instagram, whatever you post is public. Even if the person is not on your list, he can view all that you post. However, Snapchat allows only the people in your list to view your posts.

7) Advertisements

Instagram has been in the advertisement market for quite long and the advertisers are far more comfortable with it as compared to Snapchat’s newly initiated platform. Snapchat has a pretty young advertisement business while Instagram has strong roots in advertisers’ hearts probably due to being a lot similar to Facebook advertisements.

8) Attractive interface

Snapchat has some charm with its mysterious swiping navigation interface and kids love it but seriously, are apps just for kids? Isn’t Instagram’s interface much easier and user-friendly? The little circle border which lights up whenever a new story is posted and helps in heading towards the latest updates.

9) Integration with Facebook

With Mark Zuckerberg on board, Instagram will surely become the next social media sensation just like Facebook. The direct integration with Facebook and the idea of being active at more than one platform simultaneously is what swerves the path for Instagram. The pictures shared on Instagram can instantly be shared on Facebook and readily become available to a larger fraction of audience.

10) Celebrities on board

Instagram holds more celebrities on board in comparison to Snapchat. The celebrity posts on Instagram reaches more than one fourth followers of the Snapchat’s fan base. It has a huge number of celebs and high profile personnel with a humongous fan following.

Looking at all the innovations and overall perception of the populace, as of today, Instagram has surely taken the lead over Snapchat!Best regards!

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