10 Interesting Facts about King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia

Interesting Facts about King Abdullah bin Abdul-AzizWe have been sharing a great deal of information about the most popular celebrities with you all, highlighting their lifestyles and secrets no one knows, and here we are again, presenting you all 10 interesting facts about King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz who is the custodian of two holy mosques of Saudi Arabia.

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Things you need to Know about King Abdullah

Net worth: $18 billionimages

Businesses: Oil production

Family: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz family comprises of four wives, seven sons, and 15 daughters however this is not confirmed number of offspring’s there might be some more unreported.

Interesting Facts about King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

He was welcomed to throne in 2005 after the death of his half-brother King Fahd. Currently custodian of 2 holy mosques in Saudi King Abdullah have enjoyed many other government positions in the past from commander of Saudi’s National Guard till the most apex government position King of Saudi Arabia from 2005 till present. Below are some of the astonishing facts about one of the most powerful man of the world.

king abdullah bin abdul aziz

1)In list of Forbes he was named 7th most powerful man on earth he enjoys position of 6th man in 2011.

2)He is well known to be a generous philanthropist donating millions of dollars so far to help many destitute people around the world including many well-known surgeries and in help of constructions of hospitals.

3)currently his wealth is mainly produced by the extraction of oil which is being supplied to major countries of the world including Pakistan and United States of America.

4)stables and horse farming is one of his youthful hobbies. He was well known horse rider and owns largest stable in the kingdom. He is famous to breed only Arabic breed of horses.

5) King Abdullah is recipient of a number of international high orders. Most notably, he is an honored knight of the strictly Roman Catholic Order of the Golden Fleece

6)his highness curtailing illness have forced him to go 4 major back surgeries from 2010 till 2012 so far and still the health is not stable yet.

7)he was famous for being falconer in his youth.

8)women empowerment is one of the basic visions of King Abdullah and due to his efforts women will be allowed to vote and elect in 2015 elections.

9)King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz is currently one of the wealthiest Head of state it is said to be

10)He is awarded Gold medal by United Nations for his contribution in bilateral talks and contribution towards peace and harmony of world.

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