A Look at the Life of Howard Schultz-The Owner of Starbucks

Howard Schultz 1Are you jobless and looking for an innovative turn in your life? Do you want to get out of the depressive thoughts and searching for an inspirational story? Here comes a life lesson from the life of Howard Schultz who was not so rich-in fact really poor but his hard work and right strategy changed his life completely.

Howard Schultz- As the world Knows Him

Howard Schultz was born in 1953 and is now one of the most famous American businessman and a writer. Some of his major achievements that got him through all the hardships are his position as a CEO and chairman of Starbucks that made him stand at the highest rank of Forbes richest person in the world during the year 2012.

His Life Journey

Portrait of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee.Photograhed

This massive success was not always a part of his life and he had to work really hard to turn the reverie of Starbucks into a multimillion business and retailing operation. His journey started in 1981 when he travelled all the way from New York to Seattle just so he can visit the popular coffee store called Starbucks and when he went, the major thing that attracted him towards the business was the care that was being put into selecting and roasting the coffee beans and then he thought how great the entire company was and that he would love to be a part of it. It then took him almost an entire year to convince Starbucks owners to hire him for the business and after his ongoing efforts he finally became the marketing manager of the company. But then Starbucks owners rejected his idea of selling coffee into the stores and so he quit his job and started his own coffee bar business named as Il Giornale. After the enormous success of his own corporate, he bought Starbucks for around 3.8 million dollars.

What Made him successful

Though he started from nothing but it was his principles that led him through the way and now he is the richest man alive on the earth. When talking to the magazine Forbes he mentioned that he always felt like he is living on the other side of the track and that people had more resources and money on that other side of the fence and he has no idea why but he always wanted to climb over that fence and achieve something that was beyond everyone’s expectations and what was impossible. He also said that he may wear suits and ties now but he will always remember that he came from nothing and what it is like to start things from zero. When asked about a few advices he said not to be threatened by the people who are smarter than you and compromise nothing when it comes to talking about core experiences because without principles nothing else matters.

His life is surely a lesson for all those who are going through a tough time but look forward to have a better living by working intelligently.


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