10 Most Popular International Fashion Brands in 2013

Popular international fashion brandsFollowing latest fashion and being trendy is turning into  a necessity of life where brands really matter.  It is your brand that reveals about your taste, your class and your status-indirectly. If you are brand conscious and want to know about the popular international fashion brands, this is the place you landed correctly. Style changes and so do the duration of a particular brand, however, it is interesting to see that the most popular international fashion brands are continuing a huge followership since the time they are introduced into the fashion world. Whether it be Gucci or Tiffany, Zara or  Rolex, they enjoy having a X-factor attached to them!

Here are the top 10 most Popular International Fashion Brands that are ruling the fashion industry in 2013!

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1)Forever 21

Headquartered in: Los Angles, California

Deals in: Apparel

Owner: Do Won Chang

It’s like having a makeover and feeling beautiful again, satisfying your cravings for fashion that you always wanted, with the glorious shadows and daring flares walking out of the American retailers Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sock Chang, who has brought the glamour initially to the mini world of kids but today uncompressing everything that you can possibly think of to wear. They started in 1984 and by today they are the first one to own European store in Ireland in Dublin. Fashion 21 has its roots spread all over Middle East, Europe, Asia and America.

2)Abercrombie & Fitch

Headquartered in: New Albany, Ohio, US

Deals in: Retail

Owner: David T. Abercrombie

Abercrombie & Fitch fashion brand

No one cares how you look daily, normally designer care how you should look in parties, but Abercrombie & Fitch are the first one of its own kind, believing upon casual luxury. They are considering and focusing on casual wear for people from age 18-22 years. Initially starting up with selling popular shotguns, tents and fishing rods it has turn to clothing with flawlessly soft and beautiful prints. The company owns a huge 2 story stores in over 300 locations in United States.


Headquartered in: Stockholm, Sweden

Deals in: Retail

Owner: Erling Persson

H&M fashion brands 2013

Whether it’s about shopping for your baby or for you to stay with the fashion trends, H&M will always remain on priority if you ever had anything from the Hennes & Mauritz fashion destination. Either you are looking for rare vintage garments from 1920 or having girlish wonders about animal prints, you will come back to the boys because you will definitely find one of their stores in your city, as they exist in 43 countries round the globe. This Swedish multinational company is the second largest global clothing retailers who are considered best over Gap, the United States clothing retailers. H&M has net income of over 18.68 billions

4)American Eagle Outfitters

Headquartered in: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S

Deals in: Retail

Owner: Jerry and Mark Silverman

American Eagle Outfitters popular brand

All styles are available under one zone by Silverman brothers, Jerry and Mark, American clothing and accessory retailers. Whether you are looking for graphic T-shirts, swimwear, Henley shirts or low-rice jeans it has got everything in every store out of 900.The company targets 15-25 year old people. Abercrombie & Fitch has sued American Eagles more than thrice for copying its designs and advertisements; still they are currently found to have celebrations over the inauguration of their store in Mexico.

5)Tiffany & Co

Headquartered in: New York City, USA

Deals in: Jewelers, Silversmiths

Owner: Charles Lewis Tiffany, Teddy Young

Tiffany & Co brand

The creators of stunning and elegant jewelry, has been the world’s premier jewelers, captivating the originality in its elegance. The spectacularly glamorous designs by tiffany & Co are on mission to protect the creativity of human nature and the beauty of nature and so you will always find them at your best occasions shimmering in your fingers and body. From diamond jewelry to fragrances, and personal accessories to leather goods it has got the flawless stars under its roof. They market themselves as the arbiter of taste and style.

6)Hollister Co

Headquartered in: New Albany

Deals in: Casual wear

Owner: Mike Jeffries

Hollister Co

Are you madly in love with the designation of being the ‘Coolest’? Then certainly it’s a place for your cravings of fashion to come to an end. The super cool brand offers the hottest new looks for dudes and Betties. The American lifestyle brand by Abercrombie & Fitch Co has brought the Southern California to the world. It is mostly preferred by the teens in US due to its low cost and style variations.


Headquartered in: Florence, Italy

Deals in: Consumer Goods

Owner: Guccio Gucci

Gucci newyork fashion brand

Whenever you got to gift a bracelet, necklace, exquisite rings or leather wallets, Gucci strikes the neurons of your brain to be the first store to look upon. It is a world’s leading and biggest selling Italian luxury brand, founded in 1921, in Florence by Guccio Gucci. It has over 278 stores worldwide. They own a world record in Guinness World records in 1998, of selling the most expensive pair of jeans for US $3,134 in Milan.


Headquartered in: Arteixo, Spain

Deals in: Retail

Owner: Amancio Ortega

Zara popular fashion brand

Enjoy the latest from the Spanish clothing and accessory retailers for men, women and kids. The brand has over 1,763 stores and 171 kiddy’s classic stores spreading in the world’s largest cities. The secret to their expansion lies over a fact that they launch over 10,000 new designs each year. The fashion group also owns brands like Pull and bear, Bershka and Massimo Dutti. Amancio Ortega first opened the store in 1975 inspired from the movie Zorba the Greek.


Headquartered in: Geneva, Switzerland

Deals in: Watch manufacturing

Owner: Alfred Davis

Rolex fashion brand 2013

It is a brand that speaks of its superiority by its name. For many decades brands in watch making tried their level best to compete with this unbeatable giant who has become the favorite of the rich wrists. However Rolex have been producing some of the finest watches in all sort of elements whether it is gold, silver or platinum the prime option always remains Rolex for the brand conscious people.

10)Wet Seal

Headquartered in: Foothill Ranch, California

Deals in: Retail

Owner: Lorne Huycke

Wet Seal brand

It is a brand exclusive for ladies. The company was founded in 1962 and since has been in status of providing maximum branded clothing to the desire of every woman. From apparels till the clothing they have made possible to fill themselves in every niche possible.

Following brands and spending what you earn according to your status is a good practice, yet, try not to be too brand conscious as this race has no finish line!


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