New Year’s 2014 Celebrations Around The World

New year's celebrations 2014 arround the worldThe clocks have already tick to 12, bringing this New Year 2014 in our lives. The last day of 2013 has just passed where some of the lucky ones have enjoyed a complete holiday while remaining of them were all busy in meeting up the deadlines of 2013. Despite of all the variations in the level of excitement among people, the New Year is still welcomed by the world open hands. If you have been celebrating the New Year’s party with friends or family, also note that the world has also been celebrating this eve with all zeal and zest.

Like every year, STC network is all here to wish all its readers a very happy new year-2014 and here is an exclusive coverage of new year’s celebrations around the world. Have a look!

1) Sydney, Australia


Sydney is always one of the leading ones when it comes to celebrating and the celebrations of 2014 too have been equally entertained by the people of Sydney.


2)Tokyo, Japan

new year 2014 tokyo

Being different is prestigious most of the time and Japan is a living example. Japan has been celebrating the last December of 2013 and has happily hugged the new year of 2014.

3) London


The city of celebrations, London, each year celebrates this eve and so has it done this year.



Indonesia 2014

Indonesian women, celebrating the last sunset of 2013

5) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona spain 2014

This city is really a heaven. The fireworks each year are something must-to-see. A view of fireworks in Barcelona.

6) Amsterdam

amsterdam new year 2014

Despite of their busy lives, people of Amserdam have managed the celebrations this year, that is, 2014.

7) Finland

finland new years

The extreme weather, the excitement within the

8) Mexico

new years mexico

Celebrations in Mexico City.

9) Dubai

new years 2014 dubai

Dubai is always ready to make it look good and with an eve as big as New Year 2014, Dubai has been one of the leading cities which have welcomed 2014 warmly.

10) Bangalore, India

india new year 2014

For our Indian readers here, this comes as a treat. Bangalore has celebrated the New Year 2014 in a new way, spending a decent amount on the arrangements.

So you see that the world is quite busy in contributing its share in the celebrations, what about you?

Share your New Year’s night with us,


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