What Are Painted Donkeys Doing At St. Paul’s Cathedral London?

Painted Donkeys At St. Paul's Cathedral LondonLondon is a beautiful place and adding much to its beauty, St. Paul’s Cathedral which is situated in London, holds significant importance for all the British around the world. St. Paul’s is a church which sits at the top of Ludgate Hill and is one of the most famous and recognized sights of the city.

The church enjoys an ideal location for religious and social events throughout England and all the ceremonies are given extra prominence if they are been held in the said Cathedral. It was recently that a huge exhibition was been seen at St. Paul’s Cathedral on August 30th which was interesting enough to be a subject of discussion till now.

The ‘Caravan’ Exhibition 2013

As the name reveals, the recent exhibition at St. Paul’s Cathedral had a theme of Caravan which merely comprised of colorful, painted donkeys. Been sculpted by an Egyptian artist Reda Abdel Rahman, the 25 life-size painted donkeys were exhibited by Muslim and Christian Egyptian artists who chose fiber-glass as their basic raw material. The exhibition attracted a decent art-loving audience where the viewers were really fascinated by the real sized donkeys with painted pictures over their bodies.

The exhibition in general, was a real success and here are some of the clicks of interesting sculpted donkeys which made people watching them, speechless.

Donkeys painted

25 real-size painted donkeys

Donkeys painted

Green and Orange Painted Donkeys with rare designs

caravan exibition

Painted Donkeys representing the Caravan

donkey exibition in london 2

Viewers enjoying an unusual ride

donkey exibition in london

Multi-colored donkey with different patterns

Donkey printed photo

St. Paul’s Cathedral Lobby

photo printed donkeys

A new artificial Caravan

Printed animals

An English Lady watching the printed angels

Printed caravan exibition

Sculpted Shepherd

Printed donkeys in London

Angels been printed on a donkey

statues in london 2013

Golden Donkey-Brown Donkey

statues in london

Fiber-painted real-sized donkey

Donkeys have had always been deprived of due respect and have been a subject of laughter commonly. With this Egyptian effort in the field of art will surely help in improving the overall status of the donkeys all over the world.

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