Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in 2013

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in 2013 Intelligence agency of a country plays a vital role in its governance. It controls and safeguards the country’s law and order, people and nation from all sorts of terrorism and criminal activities. Their main work is to gather data, evaluate and examine it and use their intelligence sources to reach to a conclusion. Intelligence agencies make up a country’s defense mechanism and strengthen it. They help in law reinforcement, national security, defense systems and foreign policy targets. Here we have top 10 intelligence agencies of 2013 which are striving hard to safeguard their countries.

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1) ISI, Pakistan

Founded in: 1948
Headquarters: Islamabad

ISI Pakistan

Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency is ranked as one of the best intelligence agencies. It has achieved numerous goals since its birth in 1948 as a separate unit. Its main achieved goals include operations of Afghanistan, Siachin, Kargil War and Kashmir Front. The purpose of this agency is to secure and strengthen the country’s foundation and protect it from national and international terrorist activism.


Founded: 1947
Headquarters: Virginia


The Central Intelligence Agency is an independent agency operational in the United States of America which functions under the orders of the Director of National Intelligence. It was established to protect and secure the inhabitants of America. It is divided into four heads which include the Directorate of Support, the Directorate of Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology and the National Clandestine Service.

3) MI6, UK

Founded in: 1909
Headquarters: London


MI6 is the UK’s secret intelligence service which works with different organizations such as Joint Intelligence Committee, the Internal Security Service, the Government Communications Headquarters and the Defense Intelligence. The purpose of this unison is to ensure national security and keep the government updated about any unusual activity.

4) FSB, Russia

Founded in: 1995
Headquarters: Moscow

FSB Russia
Federal Security Service is a Russian intelligence agency. It is the principal security organization of Russia which is one of the best intelligence agencies. The main purpose of the agency are mobilization of information, defense from terrorism and protection of the country.

5) BND, Germany

Founded in: 1956
Headquarters: Pullach

BND Germany

Bundesnachrichtendienst is a German federal intelligence agency. Its main focus is the collection of intelligence data, detection of potential threats and informs the German government about any criminal activists and terrorists. It is a well established, highly efficient and self-motivated agency.

6) DGSE, France

Founded in: 1982
Headquarters: Paris

DGSE France

General Directorate for External Security is a French intelligence service which operates under the French Ministry of Defense. It safeguards the country’s people and limits terrorist activity by working together to gather information for the safety of the country’s borders.

7) ASIS, Australia

Founded in: 1952
Headquarters: Canberra

ASIS Australia

Australian Secret Intelligence Service is an efficient intelligence agency in Australia. It works secretly in gathering information and intelligence, accesses activities of rival countries and criminals and counteracts  activities which pose a threat to country’s security and safety.

8) RAW, India

Founded in: 1968
Headquarters: New Delhi

RAW India

Research and Analysis Wing is the intelligence agency of India. It collects intelligence and data relating foreign government, corporation and criminals. It overlooks into security of India’s nuclear activity and transfers information to Indian policy makers and protects the Indian borders.

9) MSS, China

Founded in: 1983
Headquarters: Beijing

MSS China

Ministry of State Security is the intelligence agency of China which is accountable for foreign and antithetical intelligence. It is a very strong and best intelligence agency.

10) Mossad, Israel

Founded in: 1949
Headquarters: Tel Aviv

Mossad Israel

Mossad is an Israeli secret intelligence service. Its main objectives are intelligence, convert operations and antithetical terrorism. Its purpose is to protect Israel from terrorism, criminal behavior, maintain law and order and concentrate on Arab activities.

These are the top 10 intelligence agencies of the world who are trying hard to protect their countries from all sorts of terrorism and criminals. All for now!

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