Top 10 Most Popular Websites In India In 2014

Popular Websites In India In 2014Indian audience has always contributed a great share in the development and advancement in the online world and  for its high literacy rate, there has been seen a massive increase in the total number of users. Here are 10 most popular websites in India in 2014. Have a look!

10. Twitter

Alexa rank: 11

Owner: Jack Dorsey

Twitter most popular website in India

It is an online social networking site by which 500 active users read and post tweets which are a modified form of the text messages.

09. Flipkart

Alexa rank: 10

Owner: Sachin and Bonny Bansal

Flipkart most popular website in india

It is an Indian e-commerce company that has made online shopping very prevalent in the country. The major focus of Flipkart is on books at most but now they have expanded their sales to electronic goods as well.

08. Indiatimes

Alexa rank: 09

Owner: The Times of India Group

Indiatimes most popular website in India

It is among the largest website of India and deals with the fragments of astrology, sports, cricket and political new etc. They have made shopping and traveling easy for the people and sale over 30 thousand products across nation.

07. LinkedIn

Alexa rank: 08

Owner: Reid Hoffman

LinkedIn most popular website in India

It is a social networking website and has now more than 20 million users. The availability of this site is in around 20 languages and so over the past few years the sales review of this site has increased up to 89%.

06. Wikipedia

Alexa rank: 06

Owner: Wikimedia foundation

Wikipedia most popular website in India

It is the most widely used free internet encyclopedia which is being supported by Wikimedia foundation. There are about 30 million articles on Wikipedia in 287 different languages to be read by the users.

05. WordPress

Alexa rank: 06

Owner: WordPress foundation

WordPress most popular website in India

It is one of the widely sued blogging tool that also act as a content management system being used at more than 60 websites at the current moment.

04. Yahoo

Alexa rank: 05

Owner: Jerry Yang

Yahoo most popular website in india

Yahoo is an internet corporation which is not just famous for its web portal but also yahoo search, yahoo mail, news and dictionary as well as a search engine. According to its revenue and cultural impact it is now a leading startup company of all times.

03. YouTube

Alexa rank: 03

Owner: Steve Chen and Chad Hurley

YouTube most popular website in India

It is a video sharing website which is now being owned by Google, make users share, upload and watch a variety of videos and images for video blogging and educational videos partaking.

02. Facebook

Alexa rank: 02

Owner: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook most popular website in India

It is famous social networking website that has around 1.23 billion users currently active making it fifth most successful startup company that has ever existed in the world of social networking.

01. Google

Alexa rank: 01

Owner: Larry Page

Google most popular website in india

It is a corporation that deals with the net related products and services and includes the benefits of cloud computing along with online advertising.

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