Two Valid Reasons Why Brazil Did Not Qualify the Semi Final FIFA 2014

FIFABrazil has had been lucky enough to have entered in the Semi-finals of FIFA 2014, however, as per the latest match it played with Germany, Brazil has received a serious blow to its Football reputation in the last few hours greatly. It was, however, predicted that Brazil might not be able to qualify the Semi Final FIFA 2014 and the most prominent reasons behind this are as follow.

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Brazil does not have the company of its captain


Brazil will not have their captain Thiago Silva during their semifinal match against Germany because apparently FIFA has rejected their appeal for one game ban since he has got two yellow cards during their matches. He is the defense leader of the team and sign up the second time in the competition for stalling a goalkeeper’s struggled kick up field, getting an instinctive deferral in a 2-1 quarterfinal win over Colombia. The Brazilian federation has lodged an appeal which after proper analyzation was cancelled and rejected as there is no legal basis for the grant of any such request which may cause the team to face defeat against their match with Germany causing them to lose the semifinal match and eliminating from the entire tournament.

Neymar’s injury


Neymar will have to miss the semifinals and the rest of the world cup tournament due to a broken bone in his back. He is probably the main reason why Brazil was in the quarter finals basically, who after surgery was carried off on a stretcher during their game against Colombia. His doctor told the local media that he will not be able to kick another ball at the further matches including the semifinals for at least four weeks which is his predicted recovery time. His injury can cost Brazil world cup 2014.

Though his injury is not of such severity that surgery should be done but he needs to stay immobilize for weeks to heal and recover properly. Unfortunately his skills will surely be major loss for the team Brazil and they have a greater chance to lose semifinals against Germany and they may get eliminated from the tournament as well.

These are the two major reasons that has cost brazil the title of champions this year but even without them brazil is still a major contender to win the world cup 2014 because soccer is basically a team sport and brazil itself is a very strong and deep team in their own reverence.

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