10 Best yet Expensive Locations to Enjoy in Dubai

expensive locations in DubaiIt would not be an exaggeration if we say that Dubai is an artificial heaven on earth where human intelligence has reshaped a desert into one of the most developed cities in the world. We have been sharing much about Dubai recently and here we are again with a compiled list of 10 best yet expensive locations to enjoy in Dubai so that if you have enough of dirhams to spend, you should know which places deserve your time and presence.

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Desert safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai place to enjoy in Dubai

You can depart from the hotel and then drive up to the deflation point so you can head to the desert where all sorts of off-road adventures are waiting up for you. Here you will experience a very warm Arabian welcome with almost all the facilities and the entertainment for dune bashing.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum place to enjoy in Dubai

Before the encounters of the oil could take place the unremarkable life of Dubai has been illustrated in this museum by the use of life size dioramas.

Global Village

Global Village place to enjoy in Dubai

It is by far one of the largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project in the entire world and is also the regions initial entertainment, family, culture and shopping destination yet very expensive at the same time.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Place to  enjoy in Dubai

It is the most super awesome expensive location to go to in Dubai. Constructed with the cost of 51 million dollars, this place has now the entire estimated net worth of around 100 million dollars.

Palm Island

Palm Island place to enjoy in Dubai

It is the most ambitious real estate development in Dubai with the cost of 12.3 billion dollars. The construction of this island can even be seen from space alongside of various other remarkable landmarks including the Great Wall of China.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel place to enjoy in Dubai

With the cost of 490 million dollars it is among the world’s tallest hotels of all times. The hotel landscapes indulgence with its white crowned lights which bear a resemblance to glistening diamonds. It is also worth perceiving that the hotel is almost 100ft loftier than the Eiffel tower.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall place to enjoy in Dubai

With an estimated cost of 700 million dollars it is without any doubt the most expensive shopping mall of all times and has almost all the branded stores that you can ask for. There are an aggregate of 1,400 sprees and 160,000 parking cosmoses in the Dubai mall. There is no contesting that the Dubai Mall is the world’s principal merchandising expansion.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa place to enjoy in Dubai

With a total worth of 1.5 billion dollars, it is the tallest multistory building/manmade structure in the world. It has around 208 floors and has got the best dinning and shopping sprees of the world.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina place to enjoy in Dubai

It is among the largest manufactured marina in the entire world and just one phase of this place is budgets around 333 billion dollars.

Private Islands

Private Islands place to enjoy in Dubai

Dubai goes an indentation greater with the private islands which bear a resemblance to the world from an inflight vision hence the name; The World. The over-all improvement cost of the 300 private islands of Dubai was $14 billion while the land repossession unaccompanied cost $2 billion.

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