10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands In 2014

Most Expensive Jewelry Brands In 2014Stylish and beautiful jewelry is the dream of every woman and luckily there are many brands that can provide you with the most sophisticated yet extraordinary one. However, money remains a constant here. If you are looking for the most expensive jewelry brands with latest designs, here is all what you are looking for. Following is a compilation of the top 10 most expensive jewelry brands in the year 2014.

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1. Cartier

Location: Paris

Specialty: Jewelry and wrist watches

Cartier Most exspensive jewellery 2014

Cartier designs and manufactures and distributes a wide variety of jewels and watches and has a long retailing history with the royal celebrities and crowned heads.

2. Harry Winston

Location: New York

Specialty: Jewels and Swiss timepieces

Harry Winston most expensive jewelry 2014

The brand was opened in 1932 and soon gains reputation in terms of gemstones and dealings of fine diamond pieces. The legacy is rare and exceptional and the customers are tending to travel round the world to visit the salons.

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

Location: Middle East and South East Asia

Specialty: French jewelry and perfumes

Van Cleef & Arpels most expensive jewelry

It was founded during the year 1896 and is recognized for its expertise in the precious and valuable stones along with the fanciful pieces which have been bought by the style icons and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor.

4. Tiffany & Co.

Location: New York City

Specialty: Jewelry, china and fragrances

Tiffany & Co. most expensive jewelry 2014

It is a multinational and luxurious jewelry and retailing store selling costume jewelry, stationery, sterling silver as well as personal accessories. The manufacturing competence produces 60% of the stock sold and its goods are even procured overseas.

5. Piaget

Location: Geneva

Specialty: Luxury watches and jewelry

Piaget Most expensive jewelry 2014

Piaget Corporation is a Swiss watchmaker and jewelers originated in the year 1874 and are a maven in the luxury goods. Their diamonds are known to be of the highest standards of color.

6. Bvlgari

Location: Rome and Italy

Specialty: Italian jewelry

Bvlgari most expensive jewelry

Today Bvlgari is a versatile luxury brand known for the retailing and marketing of watches, fragrances and accessories along with the deluxe jewelry ornaments.

7. Mikimoto

Location: Tokyo

Specialty: Pearl jewelry

Mikimoto most expensive jewelry 2014

They are known for selling the best pearls in the whole world and were founded by Mikimoto Kōkichi who was responsible for the creation of first cultured pearl starting the entire pearl industry.

8. Graff Diamonds

Location: London

Specialty: Jewelry and watches

Graff Diamonds most expensive jewelry 2014

It was founded in the year 1960 and is involved in various maneuvers comprising of wounding the underdone stones and manufacturing of the jewels and ornaments until their final retailing is done.

9. Buccellati

Location: Italy

Specialty: Jewelry and watches

Buccellati most expensive jewelery 2014

Buccellati is an Italian firm dealing with the manufacturing of handcrafted items made and designed from gold, silver and platinum.

10. Chopard

Location: Switzerland

Specialty: Swiss based jewelry, watches and accessories

Chopard most expensive jewelery2014

It was originated in 1860 and sells watches and jewelry in addition to quartz and timepieces, intricate models and gem cliques etc.

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