10 Most Luxurious Houses in the World In 2014

Luxurious Houses in the World In 2014Enjoying a luxurious living and owning a beautiful house is a dream that is seen by everyone of us but there are a very few who live this dream, obviously money plays the real part here. Here are ten of the most luxurious houses in the world in 2014. Have a look!

10. Toprak Mansion London, England

Toprak Mansion most luxurious house

Cost: $ 92,000,000

It is a palatial home and is occupied with the Turkish bath enough for about 20 people, breaking all the records of being the most expensive house in London. It has seven bedrooms and kitchen and a two acre garden along with a pool.

09. Waterfront Estate: Bosphorus, Istanbul

Waterfront Estate most luxurious house

Cost: $100,000,000

Its construction has been done in regard to the coastal location that it possesses. Wood work was the choice of construction material for the yalis just like the outdated Turkish houses were.

08. Fleur de Lys Beverly Hills, California, and USA

 Fleur de Lys most luxurious house

Cost: $125,000,000

It is situated in the Holmby hills and is a 45000 square foot mansion encompassing around 12 bedrooms, 15 baths and a theater for 50 people along with the gym and pool house.

07. Starwood Estate: Aspen, California, USA

Starwood Estate most luxurious house

Cost: $135,000,000

It has a mesmerizing mountain view and along with its vaulted ceilings and fireplaces around, it has become one of the most luxurious houses of the year. It has an indoor pool, seven bedrooms and a Jacuzzi and a Mountain View bar.

06. Hala Ranch: Aspen, Colorado, USA

Hala Ranch most luxurious house

Cost: $135,000,000

The total area of this house is 95 acre and has been ranked as top by Forbes magazine as the most expensive house in US, having fifteen bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms and own car wash area.

05. The Manor: Los Angeles, California, USA

 The Manor most luxurious house

Cost: $150,000,000

This house is also called as Spelling Manor and is now owned by heiress Petra Ecclestone who purchased it for 85 million dollars after it was on sale in the market for around 150 million dollars making it one of the most expensive houses in the United States until now.

04. One Hyde Park: London, England

One Hyde Park,most luxourious house

Cost: $200,000000

It is one of the foremost retail complex in London built of 385,000 square foot area having 86 residential properties having the starting payment of 20 million dollars.

03. Victorian Villa: Ukraine

 Victorian Villa most luxurious house

Cost: $161,000,000

It is the most affluent house which was bought in London in 80 million dollars by Ukrainian business women named Elena Franchuk.

02. Hearst Mansion: San Simeon, California, USA

Hearst mansion,most luxurious house

Cost: $165,000,000

Designed by the architect Julia Morgan, this house has around one million visitors annually. It is sometimes acknowledged as San Simeon since it is preserved as a state momentous park where the collection of arts and antiques has attracted the public tourists.

01. Antilla: Mumbai, India

Antilla most luxurious house

Cost: $1,000,000,000

It is 27 floor private household owned by Mukesh Ambani who is the chairman of reliance industries. It is maintained by a fully trained staff of 600 individuals and is by far the most luxurious house in the entire world.

These were some of luxurious yet most expensive houses in the world in 2014.

Hope you enjoyed reading about them.


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