10 Most Popular Fashion Brands in Dubai in 2014

Most Popular Fashion Brands in DubaiShopping in Dubai is something that might consume all your time and strength as there is hardly any brand which is missing in this state. Dubai is one of those places that offer a complete camouflage of cultures and because of its significance all over the world, the popular brands are widely found in the city with the highest world records. Here are 10 most popular fashion brands in Dubai in 2014.

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Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill popular fashion brand in Dubai

It is one of the most famous and definitive, luxurious man’s brand and with their stores in Dubai they are setting the perfect specimen of pushing limitations and having an outstanding retailing capability.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Popular fashion brand in Dubai

In Dubai, Tom Ford has one of the principal outlets in the world and with the area of 278 square meters; this store in the mall of Dubai is directed at discriminating fashionable persons with a fondness for lavish outfits.


Accessorize Popular fashion brand in Dubai

In Dubai, Accessorize has its own unusual place because of its encouraging, internationally sourced, well valued and good eminence assortment of the fashion accessories. Its aim is to being about the most stirring yet wide-ranging products for the customers.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Popular brand in Dubai

The trained skillfulness that goes into almost every retail outlet of Louis Vuitton product pledges the customers of the faultless excellence they have. They always bestow their consideration to manufacturing products like bags, wallets, watches and accessories by making use of the most fashionable material of all.


Mulberry Popular Fashion brand in Dubai

Inspired by the ideas of the craftiness and coolness of the countryside they have always represented unusual British contrast to grow the impression of British standard of living and classifying.

Cocoon Trend

Cocoon Trend Populer Fashion Brand in Dubai

They not just have the most delicate assemblage of evening wears and gowns, having their exquisite edifice with distinct stitching but they also have graceful bridal gowns which are an example of ultimate complexity and fineness of finishing and particularizing at the same time.

Armani Junior

Armani Junior popular fashion brand in Dubai

They cater to the most stylish boys and girls under the age of 1 to 14 years and are one of the most significant parts of the prestigious Armani fashion group making the age of discovery and play for kids even more stylish and fashionable.

Mother care

Mother care popular fashion brand in Dubai

It is the leading retailing outlet in Dubai for the mothers, babies and kids with the excellence of their 50 years of experience, having a wide-ranging range of style from maternity clothes to the kids of age 10.


Burberry Popular fashion brand in Dubai

The world celebrated representation of lasting panache, Burberry, bids fashion for women, men, accouterments, watches and more, being one of the leading general fashion brands of Dubai.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret Popular Fashion Brand in Dubai

It is Dubai’s greatest lingerie store and features a wide range of their products including sleeping wears, undergarments and fragrances, uniquely designed to embody today’s women,

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