10 Recommended Survey Sites that Drive You good Money!

10 Recommended Survey Sites that Drives You good Money Are you planning to make money online? Are you looking for websites that make you drive good money? Well, driving good money out of your online work is not a piece of cake! You need to be patient and put up your sincere efforts into your business and all the work you do. To make you earn more money, survey sites are a great help. These survey sites make you test you products, get your opinion and criticism and pays you for your surveys. Here are 10 recommended survey sites that drives you good money.

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1) Pink Panel

Pink Panel Survey Site

Pink Panel – One Woman’s Style! It is a community of beauty-obsessed women who have a great passion for skincare, makeup and the beautiful things present. If you love yourself and desire to have all the beautiful things around you then you should join the community. Join Pink Panel! It allows you to test their beauty products, share your views about them and participate in their surveys and contests to get the rewards.

2) Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Great Survey Site

Opinion Outpost is a recommended survey site as it allows its members to take marketing research surveys in exchange for rewards. Before opinion outpost, sharing your opinion was never so rewarding. It offers you to give your opinion and mould the services and products according to your interest.

3) Harris Poll

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is one of the coolest survey site that lets you earn a few good bucks within minutes. It allows you to give your opinions which of great value to them. They pay you with online with points merchandise and gift certificates. Your views influence the decision makers and make the others land up on something good.

4) Zoom Panel

ZoomPanel Survey

Zoom Panel is a great survey site that immediately gives you 50 points just for subscribing to it. At zoom panel, you get to test products and get paid for that. Whenever you take online surveys, you get points which can be converted into gift cards, money and other appliances. You can earn up to 250 points per survey.

5) Opinion Place

Opinion Place for Online Survey

Opinion Place is a great platform which allows you to freely connected to surveys and lets you share your opinions. This feedback allows companies to design and improve their products according to the customer’s needs. Opinion place offers you to earn points and make them turn into gift cards and cash.

6) CVS Advisor

CVS Advisor

CVS Advisor is a panel for survey sites that conducts online surveys. These surveys enhance the products, services and CVS stores. The surveys are short, user-friendly and fun to begin with. It offers you to receive extra coupons as soon as you complete surveys.

7) Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is another awesome survey site that lets you make a difference in their product quality. They provide you with some questions and to answer them you must be 18 above and answer them honestly about their product. Your feedback and criticism is very helpful for their products and services.

8) Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say is other worthy survey site in the list as it gives you good cash. Even though the pay out is low that is 1000 points for $10 but it also gives you $5 even if you fail to qualify for a survey. This is what makes this survey site quite appealing as you are never wasting time here. However, it is limited to certain areas.

9) Global Test Market

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is just the right place for all those whose opinions are being heard by everyone. This great survey site is one of the most paying site that has paid around $30000000 within 13 years. It has more than 1400 clients for its 60 surveys only. It supports only 49 countries and if you are living in one of those countries then it pays you via check after your amount goes up to $50.

10) Swagbucks


Swagbucks in yet another interesting and fastest growing survey site. If you fill out special offers, invite your friends, download their toolbar and keep track of your Swag Codes, you earn huge points. Otherwise you can earn like a normal survey site worker. You can always convert these points into gift cards.

These are the most popular and recommended survey sites that can make you earn good money by filling survey forms only! All for now!

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  1. Thanks for this great list about these legitimate survey sites to make some money with. I have tried Global Test Market in the past and have been paid once, the others are new to me, thanks for introducing them to us.