4 Avenues to Become Your Own Boss

4 avenues to become your own bossYou’ve decided that you’re done with the daily grind of working for someone else, but you really don’t want to start your own business. You’d rather have some of the heavy lifting done in terms of supplying the product while you go out and find the buyer. Or you have a product or service you want to sell, but you’d rather have someone brokering your work on your behalf. Following are four avenues for you to explore on your path to becoming your own boss.

1. Become an Independent Contractor

The law defines an independent contractor as someone who is responsible for their own federal, Social Security, and state taxes. An independent contractor also cannot be controlled by the employer. Some examples of this are that there are no uniforms, and hours worked are at the discretion of the contractor, but work does have to get done by the employer-set deadline. This frees contractors to work at their own pace in the field of their choosing.

how to become independant contractor

As an independent contractor, you are free to work for multiple employers at the same time if you so desire. However, you should be aware that you must turn your work in on time for all jobs and meet each employer’s expectations, all without overextending yourself.

2. Exploit Your Talents on the Side

Do you have a skill that is useful to the public at large such as writing contracts, being a notary public, graphic design, or even car detailing? Offer your services on websites like Fivrr, Etsy, or the local classifieds to find clientele. Word of mouth also helps to let people know that you’re available for certain types of work. This kind of work is best to do as a side gig until it becomes lucrative enough to replace your regular job, if you so desire.

3. Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves selling someone else’s product and getting a percentage of the sale. A good example is working as a salesperson for Amway. You should have a lot of drive for this kind of work and love the idea of selling a product you’re passionate about. Ultimately, you are your own boss, because you work your own hours and set your own goals.

affiliate marketing basic cycle

Affiliate marketing takes some of the load off of you by giving you a proven product to sell. You also have the opportunity to rise in the ranks through sales volume and by bringing on salespeople to work “below” you. Many companies have a program in which you earn a little money from the sales of the people you brought on. It might not be much to begin with, but it’s nice to have an extra boost to your income every time the commission gets paid out.

4. Find Sources of Passive Income

The most common type of passive income involves the initial sale of something, then getting income from that sale on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. One type of passive income is selling insurance. You sell the policy to a client and get a percentage of their down payment. The client makes monthly payments on their policy, and you get a percentage of that monthly payment going forward. As long as the client keeps the policy, you earn money.

These are four ways to become your own boss without the requirement of starting a business. You do take on more tax responsibility, but there’s more freedom to do your own thing when you wish and not to have to work in an office.

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