5 Exclusive Apps to Save Money

5 Exclusive Apps to Save Money Money making in today’s fast moving world has become quite complex and money saving has become an even more complex task. With so many tempting things in the surroundings, it is close to impossible to hold on to your budget. One normally gets out of budget by the end of the month. To help our readers in saving their money, we are sharing 5 exclusive apps to save money!

Have a look and save money!

1) Mint

Mint Save Money

Mint is the perfect app for you to save money. It keeps all your finance in one secured place and lets you set a budget, keep track of your goals and do something great with your money. It sends you alerts for the payment of bills and keeps your accounts updated. The best part is that you can do it all for free!

Your financial life, all in one place

2) Bill Guard

Bill Guard

BillGuard is a personal finance security service to help customers save money. By the joint efforts of all the mathematicians, security experts and industry leaders, BillGuard has come up with a unique app that provides the smartest and fastest ways to track and save money.

The Smart Inbox for your Money

3) Saved Plus

Saved Plus App

With SavedPlus, you can save money even if you are spending it every minute. All you have to do is connect your account to SavedPlus and select the amount of percentage you want to save. Having done that, whenever you will purchase you will get back a certain amount in your account.

Saving Money without Thinking Much about it

4) Guide Financial

Guide Financial Save Money

Guide Financial automatically scans all your transactions and saves you from costly mistakes. It analyzes your accounts for ways to save more money and fixes all your monetary issues. It works for you every week.

Helping you find savings from everyday spending to big financial decisions.

5) Flex Score

FlexScore Save Money

FlexScore gives you statistics related to your finance after assessing your financial health. It gives you a rank based on your accounts, debt and credit. You get a free advice to increase your ranking!

Financial Advice for the Rest of Us.

These are the 5 best money saving apps for today’s extravagant world. All for now!

Stay Blessed!

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