5 Legitimate Survey Sites that offer more than $50!

5 Legitimate Survey Sites that offer more than $50 In this online money making world, it is very difficult to find out what is real and what scam is. You need to keep your eyes wide open to figure out the difference. You can do a thorough research about all the available sites and check every nook and corner while choosing some specific ones. Scams are a part of this world so beware! Make money legally! Always! Here, we are haring 5 legitimate survey sites that offer you more than $50.

Check out these survey sites and make good use of your time!

1) CashCrate

Earning per Survey: $1 to $10
Cash Out: $10
Response: Very good


CashCrate is one of the best survey sites and makes you earn money up to $10 per survey. If you complete various other offers along with surveys and refer your friends, you will definitely go a long way.

2) Survey Savvy

Earning per Survey: $1 to $5
Response: Good

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is yet another awesome survey site that has cool surveys and offers for all its members. You simply have to log in and start working right away!

3) Poll Buzzer

Earning per Survey: $1 per question
Response: Good

Poll Buzzer

At Poll Buzzer, you will have to keep yourself updated. You will have to check your mails regularly so that you can complete your tasks as soon as you get a mail. All the surveys have a time limit so you must keep checking your mails.

4) Send Earnings

Earning per Survey: $0.5 to $5
Response: Very good

Send Earnings

Send Earnings is another cool survey site that allows you to make more money if you are fast enough to do it. At Send Earnings, if you are able to complete a survey within 2-3 minutes then you can make money very easily. You have to really fast here!

5) Mindswarms

Earning per Survey: $50
Response: One survey per week


Mindswarms are one of the highest paying survey sites. This is a very rare option and is only available for specific locations so you must make a good profile video if you really want to make room for yourself. For Mindswarms, you will need a mic and a webcam.

Survey sites are a very good option for making money at home. Online money making was never this convenient. Do try your luck!

Stay Blessed!

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