How to get paid for Likes on Facebook?

How to get paid for Likes on Facebook Facebook is a mixed bag! It has bundles of stuff to do; it is a social network, earning platform, has up to date information of all the people, works as a memory keeper and what not. You name it, Facebook has it! Making money out of Facebook is not anything new. It is a very old norm and people have been doing it quite well. Doing things do not matter much, what matters is how you do it. So here, we are sharing how you can get paid for likes on Facebook!

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Connect with Facebook

In order to make money by liking on Facebook, you will have to connect your Facebook account with the Paid to Like program. They pay you around $ 0.5 per like! This accumulates to a huge amount once you start doing it regularly. Liking stuff on Facebook is not a difficult chore to do so just hang on to it and start making some extra cash.

Start Liking

Once you become a part of the program, you will get a set of pages which instantly need your likes. All you have to do is start liking the pages and start making money. Once you like the page, your like story will appear on other people’s news feed and will compel them to like it as well. The more friends you have, the more are your chances of getting the likes quickly.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends to the pages you like and make them like your fan pages. This way your word will spread more and will surely get you some more likes thereby some more money. Money matters!

Collect Money

When you start getting some good cash, it will be presented in the ‘financials’ tab of your member area. You can always check the amount you have earned so far. You must have a PayPal account in order to receive all your work money.

When to Collect Money

You must make at least $1 before you even think of getting your cash out. For each like, you get $0.5. the more you will get likes, the more you will be paid. When you are done, use the ‘request payout’ button to get your cash from your PayPal account.

Getting paid for likes is just a very simple way of making money from Facebook. All for now!

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