5 Tips to Make More Money from Android Apps

5 Tips to Make More Money from Android Apps Android is one of the widely used platforms today. It has millions of users worldwide which make it easier to develop, use and advertise. It has the coolest apps and gives the world another world within their hands. The Android app developers are really making some good cash out their apps. The market is full of android apps and Google itself is encouraging the developers to step forward and be a helping hand to all the young developers. Here are 5 amazing tips to make more money from Android Apps.

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1) Develop Android App for Tablets

Tablets are more widely used by all; hence it generates more revenue out of Android apps than any smartphone. It makes 70% more money than smartphone apps. Therefore, you must opt for making apps that are optimized for most popular Android tablets today. It will prove to be very profiting.

2) Subscription Models

Using subscription models can be of great help if your app focuses on business, finance, enterprise, media or entertainment. Subscription Models can give you huge profits from your Android apps.

3) Make use of In-App Purchasing

If you make just the right use of In-App purchasing, you can surely increase the chances of earning more revenue out of your Android app. However, a freemium model helps as well since it offers the basic android app free of cost and only charges users for some extra features.

4) Increase your Android App rating

Your app ratings are what give you more money! The higher your app ranks, the more you will be paid. Google keeps encouraging the developers to work hard for better android app ratings. There are companies which offer you analytics and other tools for enhancing your position in the app store.

5) Target Global Audience

Since Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms, you can easily target the global audience. Its users are spread all over the world so you can easily reach out a massive audience.

Thus, Android apps can surely help you making some cool cash! All for now!

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