How to Make Money by selling Cosmetics?

make money by selling cosmeticsEvery now and then you are looking for ways to earn extra bucks, and so the never ending exploration is always taking twists and turns, landing you to the most unique ideas and ways to make it happen. Here is another stop on your journey, and this time it’s none other, the never ending demand and use of COSMETICS. If you are coming from business and technology background, you might be skeptical about the field and its potential value but after deep case studies we all must take this field very seriously.

Why cosmetics?

Every time you think about starting a business you look for pros and cons and in the end you ask yourself, “Why I should do this?”. Here are the convincing points which you may like to ponder upon because it’s smart to read through the minds of hundredths and then finally coming to a conclusion.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

· It is like a dream to be able to earn living from the comfort of your home.

· All what you need is to drop a catalogue with your name on it and details to contact you.

· Cosmetics are higher margin products in retail.

· It attracts higher end shoppers

· There are dozen of cosmetic lines, so each candidate is validated by a range of cosmetic companies.

· If you bare good look and experienced in applying makeup, then presumably customer will want to buy from you.

· If you are smart, think fast have boosted cognitive ability and excellent communicators then you own the strongest point to be successful in here.

· If you are familiar with hundredths of similar products among many different lines, you fit perfectly for the job.

· Know colors and hues and how to apply these different people and different ways, then you are a perfect gem for the job.

Apart from all the above mention reason if you still need a reason to push and convince you, think for a minute that you are going to sell something which is never going to expire, never going to get old and above all women will never get over it in any century.

Which Cosmetics?

Makeup involves a huge time of trial and errors so here are the few best cosmetics listing down after deep research based upon their fan numbers, you may pick these to sell or suits yourself.


1) Urban Decay Naked

2) Bare Mineral original foundation Broad Spectrum SPF

3) Make Up forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

4) NARS Blush

5) Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

6) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF

7) Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat- radiant touch

8) Sephora Collection Smoky Studio

9) Age miracle products

10) Water proof Lip Gloss

Where Cosmetics?

It’s very easy to find your customers. Host a party, drop out catalogues in offices, hospital, clinics, restaurants and hotels with your contact details on it. Promote it among your friends and neighbors, wear it on and let others know how beautiful it could blend with your skin. This way you will get many customers.

When a customer walks in and sits down only a few feet from you and says ‘makes me beautiful’, you must immediately ask them the right question, and it is possible, if you have a careful understanding of many products and techniques. If you are inborn with those skills then take this article seriously.

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