How Make Money By Stitching and Become Rich?

Make Money By StitchingTalent has no barriers once you know you are capable of spreading your talent. No business is big or small if you know its worth and above all, respect it. We have been focusing on money making businesses which can be adopted by those who have the potential to be rich, yet are not making money as they are not aware of their market value and stitching is one of them.

Here are 10 tips to establish yourself as a powerful brand in the field of stitching.

1) Use Facebook

This is my favorite way to promote anything-just anything! Creating a Facebook page will surely do wonders for you if you market your work properly on this social media, after all, you get the largest audience built there already.

promote on facebook

2) Cross Stich Cards

This is the ideal strategy as it takes lesser tome to stitch on cards and sell them so that the buyers can use the this amazing art as per the requirement he has.

2) Sell on eBay

eBay is one of the popular online shopping platforms where you can share your products and viewers can then bid there price for it. You need to take care of the transportation and money transaction here, therefore, if you have an idea of online shopping policies, you can only then make a good use of it.

sell on ebay

3) Use Etsy

Not stable financially to open up an outlet? No worries. You can set up a virtual shop where you can sell your embroidery or your stitched stuff by exhibiting it on etsy.

4) Plan a local exhibition

Being socially involved is a good practice, but above that, it is more like a profitable deal. If you have a large social circle or goo-termed relatives, arrange a small exhibition at your place and ask your girls to purchase your stitching. It works.

stitching exhibition

5) Create a blog/Website

If you are good with your internet connection and have a slightest knowledge on how to operate your system correctly, you can even go for promoting your work on blogs and websites by owning one under your own banner. There are some free domains available or you can even create a blogspot for your work.

6) Freelance it

If it money which you are concerned with, post your services on freelancer, oDesk or elance and you will see buyers reaching out for your stitching themselves.

7) Be professional

When you start a business and launch yourself as a professional, your friends and family try to exploit you to the fullest by asking for undue discounts. Learn to handle this situation and be brave to refuse them. It’s a serious business.


Stitching can prove out to be a real powerful business for you as it is, there are a couple of people who started off with simple designs and are now known as the richest designers of the world.

Wish you a happy business,


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