How much Money does a Smartphone App Make?

How much Money does Smartphone Apps MakeSmartphone Apps are a rapidly increasing yet coolest way of making money. With so many big names making some great smartphone apps, people have adopted it as their sole career. Many of them are making great money out of such apps and the users who download these apps provide a great hand to these developers. In order to make good money out of it, you must have huge number of downloads.

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Smartphone App Market

Smartphones are turning into a basic necessity for the people all over the world. The potential and most famous smartphone app companies are Google, Apple and Android. There developers, revenue and downloads depend on the available market. According to a recent consensus, Google dominates the smartphone app market with almost 900 million users. Apple ranks second with 600 million users while Microsoft comes third with only 12 million users.

When it comes to Apple, it claims that it has about 1.25 million apps in its app store which account for 50 billion downloads and pays off $5 billion to its developers. On the other hand, Google is believed to have 150,000 developers and 800,000 apps. Over the last 12 months, it is has paid off $900 million to its developers. Now coming towards Microsoft, it has over 160,000 apps in its store with 45,000 developers. It has almost 54 downloaded apps per user which amount to 650 million downloads till date.

The recent studies revealed the following facts:

Smartphone App Market

According to these facts, Apple has surely won the game in terms of total number of apps and the amount of money paid to the developers.

How much money does Smartphone Apps Make?

The money you make out of smartphone apps totally depends on the number of apps you create and the number of apps being downloaded. There is no short cut to making money through smartphone apps, you will have to make great efforts and make your app viral over the app store. According to the statistics, it is believed that a small portion of developers will do really great while a large portion of them will fail badly. Below are the recent statistics about the amount of money a developer can make out of a smartphone app.

Make Money from Smartphone App

What can a Developer make from an App?

If you really need to find out what a developer can make out of a smartphone app, you will have to multiply the average revenue per app by its average number of downloads. This way you can easily pull out the revenue coming their way.

Developer Statistics

According to the above study, it is clear that an iOS developer is more likely to get a good amount of money from his smartphone app than any other company.

From all the mentioned studies, it is quite obvious that Apple has taken over the market with full zest and zeal. All the smartphone app developers who are a part of Apple will surely be able to make some great amount of cash. All for now!

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