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ZazzelThere are two ways to earn money with your own business, first being the job hunt of your business, while the second one being the idea of creating a new business for yourself. Both ways you want to earn in less time more fun. Here is the best place for you at Zazzle, to drag in some bucks in your pocket just by sitting home, by creating and selling your designs.

Let us now see what the zazzle world is all about.

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What is Zazzle?

Your only job is to device and design whatever you like despite worrying about its manufacturing, shipping to customers and reviews just put it on sale on Zazzle. Zazzle is an online profit market place, where key to success is creativity. Promote your designs here at no cost. It works with a simple strategy either you design and someone else will buy it from you, or you promote someone else designs and got paid by diverting the crowd to Zazzle to buy product from other sellers.

What to sell on Zazzle?

designa nd create anything you like

The simplest answer to your query is ‘Anything!’. Anything that you can create from the scratch. Design the shirt, mug, candle, cloth print, cover prints, wall papers, mat prints, geometry instruments, mobile covers, bottles, boxes, etc. Whatever you can possibly think off to create just do it and put up for sale on your free account.

How Zazzle increases Productivity-The Tools

The tools works in three ways to boost your income. Unlike many other profit making websites it has unique tools to double your cash, all what you need is to understand the logic behind their use before getting benefit, check out each one to make sure you are not passing up any opportunity, so read it carefully.

promotional tools

Associate program

First is the ‘Reward’ you get by referring customers to Zazzle and that is of 15% for each sale your referred customer will do either from your website or through offline marketing. Create referral link using your 18-digit referral id in the Associate section and post it on your blogs, websites, social networking sites to engage more sales.

Volume Bonus Program

Multiply your earnings here. With each increasing sale you are reaching closer to $100 in your account and so your chances for receiving 17+% bonus payment increases. You don’t have to wait build a bigger bonus payment, all what you got to do is to combine your sales from multiple accounts and step the ladder of levels from 1 to 5 starting from no bonus payment to bonus up to 17% once your sale is above $10,000. At the end of every month Zazzle itself will add the bonus so you don’t have to worry if you are weak in math.

Store Link

 Automatically build a link to your store

Email to a Friend

Easy link that you could share and let you show your friends all of your great products

Link To This

 HTML code that allows you to link to any product on Zazzle.

Blog Panel

It shows off your products directly on your blog to help you earn more referrals and allow sales.


 Free pre-made banners that you can post at various places to earn referrals.

Flash Panel

Instantly create a fabulous flash panel to display products on your blogs and website, this will allow customers to look your products easily.

International Banners

Promote your stores on Zazzle international domain.

How to Get Paid?

You will get paid via checks or Zazzle will transfer your earnings to your PayPal account. Up to date it only send away money via PayPal efficiently but sooner it is going to get it hands on various ways to make it easy.

Making money isn’t a tough job, it only needs your little brain to create an exciting way to make the money making journey exciting.

Best Wishes.

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