How to Make some Extra Cash with App Galaxy?

How to Make some Extra Cash with App Galaxy Making money with apps is not an easy task these days. With millions of apps in the App Store and hundreds of app developers across the globe, it is getting quite difficult to make money with apps. Therefore, App Galaxy is providing some authentic guidelines to help you in making your app a big hit and make some extra cash with App Galaxy. Money making can be a lot more fun if you have just the right path to work on.

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App Galaxy

App Galaxy is a phenomenal platform for app developers to help them build their business on mobile. It provides a complete guide to newbie app developers to grow their portfolio and to professionals to enhance their customer feedback. It is yet another cool way to get some extra cash out of your apps. App Galaxy provides you all the necessary tips, guides and platforms to work on your app.

App Galaxy Tips

Promote your App

With App Galaxy, you will explore ways to promote your app to various users across the globe. Here, AdMob gives you two ways to build good user base for yourself through advertisements. You can either run paid campaigns to advertise your app or you can use House Ads tool to promote your app within your portfolio. You can even sign up with AdMob to create advertisements for your app. Promoting your app is the basic step towards making money out of App Galaxy.

Just as the galaxy is full of millions of stars, the app world is full of multiple apps which make it difficult to distinguish in a glance. In order to promote your app, you must keep in mind the following important tips:

  • Be scrappy! Let the world know about what you are developing.
  • Your first impression matters a lot! So make sure you show something appealing and attractive at your first launch.
  • Cross promote your app as much as you can.
  • Make your advertisements viral all over the internet.

Earn from your App

AdMob offers great advantage to all the app developers by enabling app developers to monetize their traffic across all the mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Window Phone with real-time reporting to monitor their performance. This can be very easily done with a single software development kit (SDK) integration which can instantly give you access to the joint network of AdMob and Google advertisers.

In order to start making money from your app, you can easily sign up for an AdMob account and download the SDK. Once you are done, you are free to go!

Measure your App

You can use Google Analytics to measure your app performance and keep track of its working. Google Analytics is a free analytics package by Google. It can give you a valuable insight so that you can better understand your users and their needs.

Evaluate your Work

Once you are done working on app and promoting it, you must evaluate your efforts and the response you get out of your app. Evaluation of an app is another very important task to determine the feedback.

Thus App Galaxy can let you make some extra cash and make an easy living!

Stay Blessed!

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