10 Marketing Software That Can Boost Your Business

Marketing Software That Can Boost Your Business In today’s era, the marketing landscape for business and lifestyle had changed to a larger extent. This change was not gradual at all. The companies who wish to flourish or have flourished are those who tried every way to make their name in this market. These companies attract customers, offer offerings and engage with the clients and readily accept changes. Those companies, who fail to modify themselves according to the changes, surely lack behind. In order to make you succeed in this cosmopolitan world, we are sharing 10 marketing software that can boost your business.

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1) Marketo

Revenue: $58.4 million

Marketo is a big name in marketing automation companies. It has made lives easier for all the marketing people. It offers tools for automating inbound marketing, lead management, social media marketing, sales management dashboards and analytics. Launching and managing marketing campaigns is a lot easier with Marketo.

2) Vocus

Revenue: $170.8 million

Vocus is the most popular and reliable cloud-based marketing software. It offers comprehensive suite of tools which has social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing and effective PR. It helps the customers with acquisition and retention and has made it easier for them to reach out social media and other online media channels.

3) HubSpot

Revenue: $35 million

HubSpot is an inbound marketing solution which offers personalized and effective alternative to traditional marketing strategies. It has a host of marketing apps that comprises of various tools for blogging, social media, lead management and marketing analytics that everyone loves!

4) Yesware

Revenue: $4 million

Yesware is an email platform that helps the sales people in managing and tracking emails. It is a perfect platform for all the marketers. It syncs with CRMs like Salesforce, Oracles, Microsoft Dynamics without any difficulty. This platform tracks email opens, provides in-email analytics and data on user engagement. It saves time and increases efficiency. It has proved to be one of the best startups.

5) Sailthru

Revenue: $19 million

Sailthru is a software which is used to increase user engagement and conversion through smart data. The marketers use this smart data to better understand and respond to users in real time which results in a personalized user experience

6) Optimove

Optimove is a retention automation platform. This software deals with converting more leads, increasing customer spend and engagement, reduce agitation and get back all the lost customers. It offers customer modeling technology to help all the online companies in maximizing their customer’s value. Optimove helps your business understand your customers and maximize your profit by providing incentives and offers to customers.

7) LocalVox

Revenue: $8.65 million

LocalVox is a marketing platform for business such as local, social and mobile. It helps in generating news, engaging local customers across the web and provides a network of local publishers, social media, mobile, search and email newsletters.

8) MailChimp

MailChimp is a platform for emails. It makes customization of mails easy according to the particular marketing campaign. It offers analytics, option to A/B test, geo-target and spam filter diagnostics. Its work and success is making it grow each day.

9) Infusionsoft

Revenue: $54 million

Infusionsoft is a marketing and sales software for small businesses. It offers marketing automation, CRM and e-commerce tools. It is very comprehensive and cost-effective. It can easily convert leads with its all-in-one solution.

10) ThriveHive

Revenue: $1.5 million

ThriveHive is a software that helps in excelling in marketing for small businesses. It allows its users to tailor their marketing plan according to the company’s exact needs. It offers services from marketing consultation and SEO optimization.

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  1. Do you guys use any kind of marketing software to analyse the incoming search keyword, the correct article markup and stuff like that? To be very frank I don’t rely on them, I feel like my own strategies can play the same like a marketing software but I guess that’s good for newbies who need a helping hand with their online blogs or business, Am i right? Thoughts please 🙂

    • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai says:

      That’s right wamiq, relying on your common sense is the biggest tool you have that can be naturally applied to achieve much delightful results. However software on other side provides great insights and handy help and saves great deal of time. If you are lacking time or you wish to target a bigger market domain then you can surely try a paid one because after all the paid tool is surely much more well equipped compared to a free one.:)

      We do use some paid tools for sure else it would have been difficult to maintain consistency.