Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

 Tools for fashion designersIf you are a fashion designer or a motivated fashionable student, it is a high time for you take into account how important it is to have a good command on useful tools that can enhance your fashion designing skills. In case you have missed out some real must-to-learn tools, here are 10 tools for fashion designing.

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10. CAD Tools

CAD Tools Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

For fashion designing hat is added by CAD one must need you will need this software and a fast network along with a computer that is perfect for the handling of the media as well as graphics. You may need a digital drawing tablet and for scanning patterns using digitizer board is a must to have.

09. Draping Tools

Draping Tools Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

You cannot create every pattern via flat pattern method so one must need style tape, dressmaker stick pins, muslin, fabric shears, tape measure and marking pen or soft lead pencil. These are the basic draping methods that are essential for fashion designing.

08. Fashion Terms Translator

Fashion Terms Translator Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

Having a dictionary for all the terminologies that are used in the fashion designing is required because it is a supply proposed for translators, multilingual person, language students and all those interested in foreign languages.

07. Misc. Tools

Misc. Tools Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

Chalk wheel and lop are the Misc. tools that very fashion designer should have in their kit because they will make your production phase and life much more easy ad will save up your efforts and time.

06. Pressing Tools

Pressing Tools Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

One must think they don’t require much stuff other than their iron and iron board but having additional tools like tailor’s ham, seam ham, point presser and clapper and pressing cloth will give your product a much professional look and will give you an easy breezy production with their effects on collars, button holes and bulky areas.

05. Scissors

Scissors Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

There are many companies who offer great pair of scissors with great quality but being a fashion designer you must always choose those that are good in terms of their longevity and sharpness in your kit.

04. Iron

Iron Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

It is one of the most basic things that every fashion designer should have of their own. Iron must be heavy in fact the heavier the iron the better you will be able to press your clothes. You can even get a god steamer if your budget allows you to do so.

03. Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

There are so many choices to choose form and so you must get one that falls easily under your budget. sewing machine that has tons of add-ons for decorative stitches, zig zagging, and button holes are the perfect ones to go for.

02. Pattern- Making Kit

Pattern- Making Kit Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

Having a pattern making kit is very essential in order to do fashion designing. All you need is 24″ L-Square, 16″ half-sized L-square, 24″curve stick, 24″ vary form curve, 12″ vary form curve, 24″ straight edge rule, 12″ cuff width ruler, tape measure and an awl.

01. Dress Form

 Must Learn Tools For Fashion Designers

Although there are many dress forms that are available in the market but being a pro fashion designer you must have one that completes all the essentials of the fashion house.

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