SEOClerks: Scam or Authentic Marketplace-User Reviews

seoclerk scam or authenticWith an increase in the number of internet users, there has been seen a significant increase in ratio in which people are now earning their living by working online from their living rooms and cashing their talent whether it be their writing skills, their technical trainings or their SEO expertise. Out of many job portal and freelancing sites, there is one specifically known for its SEO specialization and that is Though the site enjoys a good reputation within the online market, there are still doubts about its authenticity and in order to make it easier for our readers, here is a detailed article on SEOClerks.

What is

SEOClerks is a platform that connects freelancers with clients who are looking for affordable SEO Services like backlink building, marketing, site flipping, SEO, sponsored tweets and even for articles. The site has a decent daily traffic and is facilitating many job seekers by offering them a healthy platform with a huge exposure.

If you are a SEO Specialist and want to offer your services to people in need, you need to post your gig on the site and it is likely that you will find a client in no time at

Despite of its decent rankings, people are still found confused about its reliability. Let’s take a deeper look on the reviews been shared by its users.

Scam or Authentic? User reviews

Though in general, majority of the users are enjoying a substantial income in return of their gigs and are making around $ 500 depending on the services they are working on. However, users who treat the site as any other freelancing sites and do not take care of the rules and regulations of the site, loses all their money in no time.

Here is one of the SEOClerks user who claimed that the site is a total scam and banned his account through which he earned a good amount and before he could cash the amount, his account was found block. He shared his experience on a forum.

Discussion in ‘Affiliate Programs ’started by Eelkhra:

be carefull everyone seoclerks just scam the owner is big thief he steal all my money
here is the story i was top seller there i was make huge money daily i followed all instructions i never breaks any rules
after i make alot of money he blocked my paypal email to i cant withdraw after that he closed my account with no reason at all and took all my hard earned money
i contacted him many trimes just to ask why he never responds
stay away from that fraud site seoclerks is scam let it fall down if yopu make alot of money the owner is thief will take all your money
sorry i cant provide the proof because he closed my account and took money
but here is the some messages i sent him
Tom Mola, Aug 10 12:08 (EDT):
dont tell me i did anything wrong
i did everything correct why you closed my account?
i hope this only mistake
Tom Mola, Aug 11 13:12 (EDT):
why you closed my account and took my money?
Tom Mola, Aug 13 11:05 (EDT):
are scam ? are you for real?

if that scammer claims i lie he should put real screen shot proof to show i wrong
i urge you to stay away from that artist scam


Believing on his post, a number of readers thanked him for sharing his experience and also said that they will stay away from the said site.

seoclerk spam


However, When the team got to know about the post, one of its member answered on the platform and revealed that the victim was promoting and selling a cracked software which was against the terms and services he agreed to, during the signup.

seoclerk spam

Similarly, there were a hundreds of SEOClerks users who spoke in favor of the site and even proved their earnings by sharing their account details. You can enjoy reading more of the user reviews here.

Things to take care of

Besides the fact that the site is highly reliable, you can always expect the owners to deduct your amount or even suspend your account completely if they caught you for doing things against their agreement. Always read thoroughly the terms and conditions before even posting a gig of yours so that you know your boundaries to ensure a confirm return.


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  1. Nice review and I can confirm, SEOClerks is no scam. As you noted, the user who claimed to be “scammed” was violating our TOS and was given 3 or 4 chances to redeem their account (via infractions) before they were banned.

  2. is completely safe, im using it for years and now I’m X level member there. I withdrawn over $2000 from SEOClerks.
    Long live SEOClerks!