Survey Sites: The DOs and DON’Ts

Survey Sites - The DOs and DON'Ts Survey sites are one of the fastest growing ways of making money in the online money making world. You need to have a niche to make room for yourself. There are some really cool survey sites such as CashCrate, Poll Buzzer, Mindswarms and etc. With so many superb survey sites just a click away, there are so many opportunities for all those who want to work and utilize their skills. However while working on any survey site, you must keep in mind some Dos and DON’Ts of survey sites. You can’t just keep on working the way you like; you should follow some basic rules like the ones we are sharing.

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Things to do with Survey Sites

Before you become a survey stasher, make sure you know all things that are worth knowing. Working with survey sites is not a piece of cake. You require great deal of patience and consistency when you begin. There is a whole lot of world working for survey sites so must be different enough to attract people towards your work. You must follow some basic guidelines and start making money with survey sites. Here are some DOs of survey site:

  • Do set up a separate email address for all your work related to survey sites.
  • Do spend all your gift vouchers as soon as you spend them, don’t wait for anything. Hurry up!
  • Do utilize your social network to report it, whenever you face any issue. Use your Facebook or Twitter to complain regarding anything unpleasant you come across.
  • Do keep checking your mails regularly. This is a really important aspect of working with survey sites.
  • Do refer you friends to your survey site as much as you can. Make sure you have a broad circle so that you have more and more chances of making money.
  • Do maintain a record of all your offers and task completions. Do keep a good log of everything you do at a survey site.

Things to avoid with Survey Sites

While keep in mind the DOs of survey sites, you must be well aware of all the DON’Ts of survey sites. There are a few things which you must avoid in order to gain success in the money making world. In the survey sites world, you have to go step by step; you can’t just jump to anything. Check what you must avoid in order to be successful.

  • Don’t expect to start rolling in piles of money from the day you begin. Everything takes time so should you. Let things go the way they are, you will surely start making money out of it.
  • Don’t store all your cash in survey accounts. Keep your earnings separately in a safe place. Survey accounts might not be a good place to keep your money.
  • Don’t forget to pay your taxes. This can be a serious setback to your survey site reputation. Make sure all your dues are clear before opting for some new offers.
  • Don’t think of your outcomes. Stop worrying for results. You will surely get paid for all your hard work!
  • Don’t forget to check your mails. You never know what you can lose if you fail to check your mail.
  • Don’t pay to join any survey site. Just keep in mind; it is always free of cost!

These are just the primary points which you must be well aware of so that you don’t do any blunders. All for now!

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