A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu- The Israeli Prime Minister

 History.jpgDo you have any idea about the real man behind the most controversial country at this point of time? Yes, we are talking about Israel? In case you had missed out some interesting facts about the prime minister of Israel, it can be really a shocking news for you to find the net worth of Nathenyahu who happens to be the Israeli prime minister these days.

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Introduction A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the richest politicians of Israel and is currently the prime minister of Israel as well. He is also the chairman of the Likud party, member of the Knesset and is the Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs. He was born in Tel Aviv on October 21, 1949 and on his paternal side he is related to Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna.


History A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu

In 1967 he joined the Israeli military and soon he was moved to take care of the special operation forces that rescued a hijacked plane at the airport of Tel Aviv during 1972. He then became the leader of the Lukid party as well and since then he has been working with them, serving as a minister twice during the entire time.

Net worth

Net worth A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu

This 64 year politician has been ranked very high among the list of richest people in Israel by many magazines and surveys like Forbes. He has an estimated net worth of 46 million dollars, a total of his combine earnings until now. He is also the highest paid politician in the entire world and has more than 20 million dollar lead on his competition when it comes to money.

He has his wealth to smart stock reserves, extensive property assets, and money-spinning certification deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. in Jerusalem he also possesses some restaurants like the “Fat Netanyahu Burger” chain, a Football Team the “Tel Aviv Angels”, has tossed his own trademark of Vodka called Pure Wondernetanyahu – Israel.


Achievements A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu

He became Minister of Science and Technology in 1996, Minister of Housing and Construction from 1996 till 1999 and was minister of health and foreign affairs in 2013.


Popularity A Look at the Net Worth of Nathenyahu

His personal approval rating has been enhanced to forty to forty five percent since last few days and so his party seems to get more seats in the elections and a full 82 percent of Israelis are satisfied with Netanyahu’s performance during the Gaza crisis. Israelis are firmly supporting him and are completely satisfied with what he is doing regarding the crisis of Palestine and Gaza.

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