Net Worth OF Human Body Organs Disclosed

Net Worth OF Human Body Organs What is the very first thing that you do when you start off with your day? Several answers to this must be come out of bed, take a bath, get ready, have breakfast or many other activities. But have you ever given a thought to what makes you able to do all these activities? For example waking up requires your eyes to be opened and bring you out of the sleep, brain gives signal to your other organs to do what is required. This is something actually very important yet goes unnoticeable.

Nobody would have ever been through a practice of realizing how blessed humans are to have their organs enclosed with a perfection in an entity that we call Human Body. Ever if it happens that any of the organ stops working or starts malfunctioning, then comes the point which makes you think of the significance of these organs.

So in case If you consider yourself as an unforunate one and looking for some blessings around, its time to be thankful and know the net worth of human body organs that you posses!

Net Worth of Human Heart

Net Worth of heart

As we all know what heart means to the human body, its significance with respect to medical point of view goes parallel with another factor which is its great worth in terms of money. In case if someone having a heart problem is recommended to have a transplant, it will cost an average cost between $550,000 and $650,000. That’s quite a huge figure which makes us alert to take a good care of this precious thing with us.

Net Worth of Lung

Net Worth of lungs

Breathing is what you make alive. Losing a single breathe can make a human unstable for a while. What makes a living body keep breathing and that too with a perfection is lungs. Whatever is going wrong in the human body, if its about lungs, it can not be neglected in any ways. Proper functioning of lungs is one of the blessings that comes alongwith the human body. In case of a lung transplant, you have to spend a huge amount of $73,100 for single-lung and 90,300 for double-lung transplant.

Net Worth of Kidney

Net Worth of kidney

The next organ that belongs to the human body is what removes excess fluid or waste from the blood. This pair in the human body keeps its great significance and its malfunctioning can create major imbalance and disability in the body. Kidney transplant has become a day-to-day surgery in the recent past years. But that doesn’t mean its not expensive or worth less than other organs. According to sources, its worth $67200 on average.

Net Worth of Liver

Net Worth of liver

Human liver

Anyone having an end-stage liver disease or acute liver failure has no other way out than that of Liver transplant. The improper functioning of liver can never let you be in peace. You have to get rid of this as soon as possible. Can you imagine how much a liver transplant is worth? On average, it is worth $25400 excluding the hospital and physician expenditures.

Net Worth of Eye

Net Worth of eye

Imagine your world without having a vision that makes you see the objects and the situations around? Thanks to these eyes being an amazing feature that makes you able to witness everything, capture every scenery and all moments of life. But eye is one of the most sensitive organs of human body too. A minute mishap or irritation can make your world upside down. If its about getting an eye transplant, you call it as corneal transplantation which is a critical and expensive procedure. On an average, the procedure ranges from $7,500 to $11,000.

Other than these major organs, there are other organs as well which can be transplanted and are worth more than any worldly material in the world. It includes Pancreas, Intestine etc. Even the bones, skeleton and ligaments are also worth in large figures which are being sold for medical college purposes.

It would take a long list to mention the blessings that human body has been given in the name of organs. Each working at its right place at right time.

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