How Rich Was Muhammad Ali The Boxer?

Muhammad Ali Net worthThe ‘catch-me-if-you-can man’ finally ends up getting caught by the brutal reality of life named as death. Yes, it almost takes a heavy heart to buy this fact that Muhammad Ali the boxer, the great, the incredible, the undefeatable, is no more with us. It takes centuries to have a legend like him in the real world. Muhammad Ali is the most recognized and popular athlete of the world for his various triumphs and effortless games. This self-made man who was born in USA as Cassius Clay, started off as an amateur at the age of 12 and made upto being ‘The Great Muhammad Ali’. Being an activist and philanthropist, he also had a happening life history. His experiences made every word he uttered a golden word for youth.

Facts About How Rich Was Muhammad Ali

Being too wealthy is also a thing that is associated with a champ like him. He made exemplary efforts throughout his life starting from his victory in 1960 Olympics, winning the light heavyweight gold medal. That was the very beginning of the journey filled with loads of victories during his lifetime. All these efforts resulted in getting him huge bucks through his wins and knockouts. His being rich profited not only him but many of the people around him since he was a man who did not care much about money. As one of his very close friends Shanahan says:

“He had a tremendous desire to take care of people and to solve problems, and if his fame and money could solve other people’s problems – so be it. “

The estimated net worth of Muhammad Ali is said to be in between $50 to $82 million. Lets find out some interesting facts about the being rich factor in the life of this legend:

Lifetime Earnings From Boxing

lifetime earanings from boxing

The most remarkable earnings in his career include his win in 1971 when he fought with Joe Frazier and earned a $2.5 million. In 1974, Ali made his one of the best paydays of the career by fighting George Foreman and pocketed $5.45 million. That wasn’t enough for the boxing champ and he made a great come back in a fight against Larry Holmes through which he earned $7.9 million.

Family and Assets

family and assets of muhamma ali

According to Shanahan, his closest friend, Ali used to earn on his family and relatives with open hands. He was always ready to help his relatives in need and didn’t even think for a while. It is assumed that he spent $64,000 a month for his family to only fulfil the needs but also to give them luxuries like houses, cars and other luxuries.

As of the year 2005, Muhammad Ali bought six bed room house in a gated community in Paradise Valley Arizona. It was worth $1.64 million. There was a second house that Ali owned. It was in New Jersey which was worth $7500,000 at the time of sale in 2015.


goat llc muhammad ali

One of the greatest source of Muhammad Ali’s wealth was his company named as GOAT LLC. It stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time ‘ as his entitlement. It made him earn great revenue figuring in millions through endorsement deals. He had his endorsement contracts with companies like Adidas, Mr. Porter and EA. He also appeared in an advertisement of Toyota.


Ali made investments in different business ventures but most of them turned out to be a failure. This list includes a chain of restaurants named as Champ Burger, Mr. Champ Soda and some kind of botched of movie deals.

He once gave $40,000 to a friend to setup a sports company by Muhammad Ali’s name but it resulted in his friend serving five years in prison.

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