How Rich Is Mustafa Kamal?

How rich is mustafa kamalSyed Mustafa Kamal is a very renowned Pakistani politician who is currently leading his own political party named Pak Sarzameen. He has worked as a senator in the Pakistan’s senate and has also served his skills as mayor of Karachi, Pakistan.

He was selected to be the mayor in 2005 and remained designated on this position until 2010. Mustafa Kamal used to have affiliations with the Pakistani liberalist party called Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

He was elected for the position of Mayor Karachi by MQM front-runner Altaf Hussain after which he worked very hard underneath the outlines of policies of his party and became highly successful. He was also nominated for the World Mayor Prize in the year 2010. Mustafa Kamal bestowed the honor to MQM and their leader as all instructions given to him to work at its best was from his side.

He has worked for the designation of IT Minister for the domain of Sindh from year 2003 to 2005.In 2013, he was voted to the Pakistani Senate from Sindh as well.

How Rich Is Mustafa Kamal?

Kamal was first educated in the Karachi before accomplishing an associate’s diploma in the field of business while schooling in Malaysia. Later, he acknowledged an MBA degree while studying at a British academia in Wales. Mustafa Kamal entitles that his education, was though reasonably middle class but it has empowered him to remain aware of the principal needs of the city, mainly around hygiene and street management.

How Rich Is Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal is not a very rich man and has a mediocre job now that he is not the mayor of Karachi. But, even when he was the nazim of the city, he kept his possessions limited and remained free from corruption. His roots being a common man of Karachi and belonging to a middle class family contributed a lot to his understanding of the basic problems faced by the citizens of Karachi.

He grabbed the trials to deal with problems like water and sewerage systems, which are the rudimentary necessities of a city. Karachi was facing issues in these areas but Mustafa Kamal delivered on it and made these arrangements better in a short time span. He was the only politician who never distinguished between governmental lines and seized the issues of Karachi as one regardless of anybody’s cooperation with other political parties. Mustafa Kamal can communicate to the public in a very good way and has given his best shot to fulfill the necessities of every resident of Karachi city.

Mustafa Kamal also practice his deviousness and political approaches to make the organization of mayor to be the powerful strength of Karachi’s metropolitan development. Being the mayor of Karachi City District Government aka CDGK, Kamal is one of the best ruler of upper level cities in Pakistan and leads its prime municipal area, famous for its moderate cosmopolitan inhabitants and verbal societies. According to different sources Syed Mustafa Kamal has already left Pakistan after some differences with Altaf Hussain was made.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement has also proclaimed that Syed Mustafa Kamal has given his resignation from the seat of Senate and has left Pakistan owing to private and personal reasons. Later in Dubai Mustafa Kamal joined Malik Riaz’s Behria Town and started working as a manager of Behria Town’s manufacturing corporation from Dubai.

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